10% spectators allowed in Women’s Cricket World Cup


10% spectators allowed in Women’s Cricket World Cup

Christchurch, March 2 (SO News/Agency) 10% spectators will be allowed in the stadium for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has exempted the tournament from the rules of prevention of Corona and tickets for the first weeks of the World Cup matches are available for sale.

Ticket sales for the Women’s Cricket World Cup were first halted, then the organizers worked out the requirements to hold the tournament under the Corona rules, but now up to 10% capacity is allowed in stadiums, although spectators Can be seen all over the place, they have to maintain social distance. Limited fans can now purchase tickets for the first seven matches of the tournament out of 31. Tickets for more matches are expected to go on sale in the coming days.

“We are surprised,” said tournament CEO Andrea Nelson. This means that the fans will have a safer experience at the tournament, making it much easier to organize the tournament. The good news for cricket fans is that they can now easily choose their favorite venue for each match as they normally do. We are confident that we can conduct the tournament in the safest way possible for the fans. It is natural for fans to come to the side of the field, but ventilation is not a problem in open spaces.

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