18 people, including a prominent religious scholar, were killed in an explosion during Friday prayers in a mosque in Afghanistan


Kabul, September 3 (SO News/Agency) At least 18 people, including a prominent scholar, were killed in an explosion in a mosque in western Afghanistan on Friday. Taliban officials and local medics said this. At least 21 people have been injured.

The explosion took place during Friday prayers in Ghazergab Mosque in the western city of Herat. The number of visitors to the mosque is usually very high on Fridays. Prominent religious scholar Mujibur Rahman Ansari was killed in the blast. He was known throughout the country for criticizing the pro-Western governments in the country for the past 20 years.

He was considered close to the Taliban. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed his death. 18 bodies and 21 injured were taken to the hospital in ambulances. An official of Herat Ambulance Center Mohammad Dawood Mohammadi said this.

No one has immediately accepted the responsibility for the explosion, while the responsibility for attacks on mosques in the past has been taken by the Islamic State/ISIS. The mosque in Herat where the explosion took place today is a Sunni mosque. Sunni Muslims are the majority in Afghanistan. The Taliban have also heard.

One year of Taliban rule in Afghanistan has been completed. Within a year of his rule, the Islamic State carried out several suicide bombings in mosques during Friday prayers aimed at Shia Muslims. The Islamic State is also Sunni and considers Shias to be infidels.


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