A large number of flood victims in Balochistan are waiting for help, thousands of helpless helpers


A large number of flood victims in Balochistan are waiting for help, thousands of helpless helpers

Quetta, August 9 (SO News/Agency) The flood victims in Pakistan’s Balochistan province have not been able to receive aid so far. Meanwhile, the agriculture sector has been the most affected by the floods. Thousands of acres of ready crops have been washed away in the flood channels, affecting coriander, tomato, cotton and other crops. The flood victims in Quetta’s Sarkali area are still deprived of aid even after two weeks. The victims themselves have started rebuilding the damaged houses.

According to the latest report of the National Disaster Management Authority, 6 more people have died due to rain and floods in Balochistan province. During the last 24 hours, 4 men and a woman were killed in Khuzdar and one man was killed in Kalat, bringing the number of dead in the province to 176. The dead include 77 men, 44 women and 55 children, 75 due to the recent rain. People have also been injured. 4 thousand 742 houses were destroyed by the flood rails while 13 thousand 385 houses were partially damaged. In this way, a total of 18 thousand 127 houses were also damaged.

It should be noted that 49 thousand 778 houses have been damaged across Pakistan due to flood and rain. Citizens of Marpal, the settlement of Qila Saifullah, have been trapped in the area for a week. Everything has been ruined by the rain. Due to road closure, neither food nor water reached the victims. Animals are also thirsty. Similarly, victims in Naseerabad, Jhal Magsi and Dera Murad Jamali as well as several flood affected areas are awaiting relief. In Mustang, the victims blocked the road protesting the lack of assistance. Most of the roads in Toba Achakzai were also destroyed by the rain. In Rajanpur, the water level in the Indus River at the Benazir Bridge is continuously increasing, which is likely to damage the mud houses adjacent to the river. Hundreds of families affected by the flood in the Kohi River are helpless. The heavy rains in Baluchistan and Sindh damaged the Hub river bridge like other bridges. Till the time of writing, the repair work has not started. It has been done. The Hub river bridge has been broken for two weeks due to rain and flood, but no action has been taken by the administration due to which the traffic on this bridge has not been restored. Meanwhile, the citizens going to and from Karachi from Hub are facing serious problems.

Citizens say that due to non-repair of the bridge, they have to travel an additional distance of 10 km and pass through the hub bypass. There is a demand from the government to restore traffic on the Hub river bridge as soon as possible so that we can avoid this agony. On the other hand, the government says that rescue and relief operations are going on in the flood-affected areas, while the Prime Minister has formed a high-level committee to monitor the relief activities. On the instructions of the Prime Minister, a relief check of 10 lakh per person is being given to the flood victims. More relief supplies were dispatched to Lasbella. Relief equipment includes tents, tarpaulins and generators. Welfare organizations are providing ration to the victims of Lasbela and Quetta.

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