After 84 missile attacks on several cities, including Kyiv, the United Nations was outraged, Ukraine declared Russia a ‘terrorist country’.


Kyiv, October 11 (SO News/Agency) Ukraine accused Russia of being a “terrorist country” during the emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly called after the latest missile attacks by Moscow. The UN meeting was called after Russia annexed four regions of Ukraine. However, the meeting was overshadowed by Moscow’s continued attacks and bombings on Kyiv. The 193 members of the United Nations will vote on a resolution brought to the UNGA to criticize Russia’s move against annexing parts of Ukraine. According to CNN, a vote on it may take place this week.

During the first emergency meeting, Ukrainian ambassador Sergei Kaslatia told member states that they had already lost members to Russia’s aggression. He said that on Monday, Russia attacked several cities with about 84 missiles and two drones and deliberately targeted civilian and military installations. Meanwhile, schools and universities were also attacked.

Keep in mind that the tension between Russia and Ukraine continues continuously. On Saturday, October 8, Ukraine attacked the Crimean bridge targeting Russia, after which Russia launched several missiles one after another on several cities of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a missile attack on Zaporizhia, followed by a major airstrike on Kyiv.

According to the statement issued by Ukraine, on October 10, Russia simultaneously attacked 17 cities, including Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Military bases, energy centers and communication centers of Ukraine were simultaneously attacked by Russian air force and ground forces.


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