Air-to-Air Refueling Demonstration of JF-17 Thunder Aircraft – Hum News


Air-to-air refueling of the JF-17 Thunder aircraft was demonstrated at the Bahrain International Air Show.

According to the spokesperson of the Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistan Air Force deployed three of its JF-17 fighter jets at the Bahrain International Air Show with the support of its IL-78 tanker aircraft.

In-flight refueling of JF-17 Thunder aircraft during continuous flight from an operational air base of Pakistan Air Force to Bahrain and their return home.

According to the spokesman, PAF has achieved another milestone with in-flight refueling, which is an important step towards the invincible air defense of the motherland and a reflection of the excellent professionalism and good technical training of PAF personnel.

The JF-17 Thunder aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force was the center of attention of the attendees at the Bahrain International Air Show.


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