Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Malaysia


Anwar Ibrahim has been sworn in as the country’s prime minister after winning last week’s elections in Malaysia.

According to the details, Anwar Ibrahim has taken oath as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia today, it should be noted that Mahathir Muhammad also participated in these elections.

Becoming Malaysia’s prime minister has been a roller-coaster political ride for Anwar Ibrahim, a former deputy prime minister whose sacking and imprisonment sparked street protests and a reform movement in the 1990s that has become a major political force. I changed.

It is the second victory for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s reformist bloc, which won the 2018 election but lost power after 22 months in a power struggle that has led to ongoing political turmoil.

Last week’s election, which was supposed to end the instability that has seen three prime ministers since 2018, instead threw up fresh uncertainty after no party secured a clear mandate.

Anwar Ibrahim’s multi-ethnic Alliance of Hope, which led with 82 seats, fell short of the 112 seats needed for a majority.

In Malaysia’s election, Muhyiddin’s right-leaning National Alliance won 73 seats, with its coalition Pan-Malaysian Islamic emerging as the largest single party with 49 seats.

Anwar Ibrahim emerged victorious when smaller blocs agreed to support him to form a unity government.

Despite this political unity, Anwar Ibrahim has a long way to go in bridging the ethnic divide.

It should be noted that Malaysia’s economy has reached its weakest point with rising inflation and currency in national data released on Sunday.


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