Appeal against lifetime disqualification, Faisal Vawda summoned in Supreme Court tomorrow


The Supreme Court has summoned Faisal Vawda to the Supreme Court yesterday in an appeal against his lifelong disqualification.

According to the details, a hearing was held in the Supreme Court today on the appeal against the lifelong disqualification of Faisal Vawda.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court gave two options to Faisal Vawda, in which the court said that Faisal Vawda should admit the mistake of concealing dual citizenship, Faisal Vawda should present a citizenship renunciation certificate.

The Supreme Court said that if Faisal Vawda admits the mistake of concealing his citizenship, we will see if the disqualification can be five years or not.

The Supreme Court summoned Faisal Vawda yesterday at half past ten.


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