Attack on Poland with a Russian-made missile, the world reached the brink of the third world war


After two people were killed in a Russian-made missile attack on Poland, there are fears that the world has reached the brink of World War III.

According to the international news agency, a serious increase in tension between Russia and Western countries is expected after at least one Russian-made stray missile attack killed two people in Poland.

Following the attack, the Polish Prime Minister called an emergency meeting of the country’s National Security and Defense Affairs Committee, while Polish Air Force fighter jets began flying over the airspace.

A senior US intelligence official says Poland has been a full member of NATO since 1999 and the attack could cause a serious escalation of tensions between Russia and the West.

Under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, an attack on one member state is considered an attack on all member states.

However, in the light of the preliminary investigation report, US officials have confirmed that the missile was not fired from the Kremlin at Poland.

U.S. officials say the missile targeting Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile that accidentally landed in Poland.


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