Attack on Shatam Rasool Salman Rushdie in America with a knife


New York, August 12 (SO News): Salman Rushdie, the author of the controversial book Satanic Verses, Shatam Rasool and the most hated person among Muslims, was attacked with a knife by a person in America. The incident took place on Friday morning in Shutaqua, New York, when he reached the stage to address an event. 75-year-old Salman Rushdie, whose controversial book was published in 1989 after Iranian authorities issued a death fatwa, was forced to live in hiding and police security for years.

According to media reports, a person present at the ceremony attacked him on the stage at around 11 o’clock on Friday morning. It has been reported that according to a video of the incident, people are seen running towards the stage and controlling the attacker.

According to CNN, an eyewitness says that after the attack on Salman Rushdie, he collapsed on the stage. I don’t know if they were stabbed or punched. According to Daily Mail, an eyewitness says that an attacker came from behind Salman Rushdie while he was sitting on the stage and attacked him with a knife. The assailant stabbed Salman Rushdie 10 to 15 times, one of which was on the neck. According to another report, Rushdie was bleeding from his eyes and cheek after the attack, and there was blood on the floor.

According to eyewitnesses, immediately after the attack, Salman Rushdie was taken away by helicopter for medical assistance and the attacker was detained.

Photos and videos that surfaced on social media showed bloodstains on the stage. While in one picture, Salman Rushdie is seen lying on a stretcher, seriously injured.

According to the BBC, Dr. Rita Landman was present at the event where Salman Rushdie was attacked and provided first aid to Rushdie. The female doctor told the New York Times that Rushdie was attacked with a knife, with several stab wounds on his body, one of which was on the right side of his neck. According to the female doctor, Salman Rushdie was bathed in his own blood on the stage but was alive, the people present were shouting that he is alive, he is alive.

On the other hand, New York State Governor Cathy Hoechl has confirmed that Salman Rushdie is alive and receiving medical attention.


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