Bloody clash during football match in Indonesia, 127 people killed, hundreds injured


Jakarta, October 2 (SO News/Agency) 127 people have been killed and many injured in the violence during a football match in Indonesia. According to the report, two police officers are also among the dead. Indonesian police have confirmed the incident.

According to news agency ANI, the incident took place in East Java, where a match was being played at a football ground. A large number of spectators had arrived to watch this match. In the match played between Arima FC and Percy Baya Sarabia, Percy Baya scored 3 goals against 2 and won.

The local team Arima FC’s defeat could not be tolerated by the large crowd here and lost their cool. After losing the match at home, hundreds of Arima FC fans entered the stadium, police fired tear gas to disperse the angry fans.

Two policemen have also been killed in this violence. Someone reported the violence at the football stadium to the police, after which the police arrived on the scene and Indonesian National Armed Forces personnel somehow managed to get the players off the field safely.


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