Body of missing German man found in Swiss glacier after 32 years


Berlin, September 1 (SO News/Agency) The remains of a German man who went missing during a hiking trip in the 1990s have been discovered in a recreation area of ​​the Zermatt mountain in Switzerland. Deep in the Alps, this region is home to the highest mountain peaks.

The climbers discovered the body along with some hiking gear on the Stockjie Glacier in late July. Authorities then conducted DNA tests and confirmed this week that the remains belonged to a 27-year-old man from the town of Noortingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Police in Switzerland say that the shrinking of the glacier helped in the recovery of the man’s body.

In an interview with The Switzerland Times, mountaineer Luc Lechanonen said he and a fellow climber, who were hiking the Stockge Glacier, first noticed some colorful things on a rock and were quite surprised. .

He said, “It was clear to us that there is no natural source of these things.” So we decided to take a closer look at these things and we went down. There was also a desire to know if anyone was still there and if we could help them.”

Only then did they find the goods and a dead body of a man nearby. Their, “clothes were colorful and 80s-style,” the climber said. He added that the body, “was embalmed, slightly damaged but still intact.”

The group of climbers then reached Zermatt, where they provided the police with a photo of him and his exact location. This helped the authorities to quickly recover the body.

The missing 27-year-old man has been identified as Thomas Flemme, who disappeared in August 1990 while on a solo multi-day hiking trip in the Alps. They had set off from Chamonix, the mountain town of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak.

Flame’s climbing expedition was supposed to end in Domodossola, Italy, where he was supposed to meet a friend, but he never reached his destination. A local newspaper, however, reported that the young man had written two letters shortly before his disappearance while traveling alone.

On July 29, 1990, Flaim wrote a letter to his grandmother, in which he expressed his happiness that he had climbed Mont Blanc alone. He was last contacted by his mother on August 1 and was reported missing three days later.

It is still unclear what exactly happened. However, while reporting his disappearance, the newspaper at the time also wrote that Flaim had the best equipment and was a courageous and experienced climber.

According to another newspaper, authorities at the time conducted extensive searches for Flemme in hopes of his recovery, and Swiss and Italian authorities cooperated in the rescue effort. In search of them, all camp areas were searched and a helicopter with experienced mountain guides also searched the area. But with the passage of time, their hopes of survival dwindled.

Meanwhile, a group of mountaineers from the German Alpine Club, who were in the area around the time of Flemme’s disappearance, said the area’s glaciers were as soft as butter, according to the newspaper. This further reduced their hope of survival. “It was clearly an accident,” police spokeswoman Andrea Cope said of the case. 32 years later, now that DNA evidence has confirmed Flaim’s identity, our investigation also ends.”


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