China, despite strict restrictions, record cases of corona across the country


Despite China’s strict restrictions against the global pandemic Corona, record cases of Corona are coming across the country.

According to details, China has recorded the highest daily number of Covid cases since the start of the pandemic, despite strict measures to contain the virus.

Many major cities, including the capital Beijing and the southern commercial hub Guangzhou, are facing the global outbreak.

China locks down Changchun amid surge in Covid cases - World - DAWN.COM

According to British media reports, 31,527 cases of Corona were recorded today, while the number was 28,000 in April.

The number is still very low for China, a country of 1.4 billion people, and only more than 5,200 people have officially died since the pandemic began.

In Wuhan, new coronavirus infections spark testing and fear - Los Angeles Times

This equates to three Covid deaths per million in China, compared with 3,000 per million in the US and 2,400 per million in the UK, although direct comparisons between countries are difficult.

While China’s zero-covid policy has clearly saved lives, it has also dealt a devastating blow to the economy and the lives of ordinary people.

The country relaxed some of these restrictions a few weeks ago.

China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide - BBC News

China reduced quarantine for close contacts in a state facility from seven days to five days and three days at home, and stopped recording secondary contacts, allowing many more people to escape quarantine. found

Chinese authorities have also tried to avoid enforcing the blanket lockdown endured by the largest city, Shanghai, earlier this year.

China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide

But as Beijing faces a renewed surge in cases and the first deaths from the virus in months, authorities have already imposed some restrictions in several districts, closing shops, schools and restaurants.

Chinese authorities announced that the central city of Zhengzhou was to impose an effective lockdown for its 6 million residents from Friday.


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