China will help Rohingya Muslims return to Myanmar


Dhaka, August 9 (SO News/Agency) Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Moomin held discussions with his Chinese counterpart Wang Wai on Sunday in Dhaka. More than a million Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar. Most of these Rohingyas came in 2017 and are living in various camps in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Momin said that China has built about 3,000 houses in Myanmar’s Rakhine province to accommodate potential Rohingyas returning from Bangladesh to Myanmar.

He further informed that China will also make food and drink arrangements for these refugees returning to their homeland. “We should thank China for being willing to do this,” the foreign minister said.

“Bangladesh needs China’s cooperation to solve the Rohingya crisis,” said Munshi Faiz Ahmed, former ambassador and analyst of Bangladesh in Beijing, while talking to the Associated Press news agency.

China had previously signed an agreement with Myanmar in November 2017, which called for the repatriation of around seven million Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh. After that, two attempts were made to send the refugees back in 2019 as well.

However, these efforts failed as the Rohingya refugees refused to go back. They say that if they go back to Myanmar, they are afraid of being subjected to violence once again, which they fled there to avoid. This fear has increased since the military coup in Myanmar last year.

Bangladesh is taking steps to complete the refugee identification process. Officials say that the biometric data of more than 800,000 refugees living in various camps in Bangladesh have been sent to Myanmar.


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