Commonwealth Games: Arshad Nadeem wins gold, Neeraj Chopra says ‘all the best’


Commonwealth Games: Arshad Nadeem wins gold, Neeraj Chopra says ‘all the best’

Birmingham, August 9 (SO News/Agency) Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem, the two best javelin throwers, are also best friends. Indian player Neeraj Chopra and Pakistani player Arshad Nadeem address each other as ‘brother’. Many times Arshad Nadeem has sent congratulatory messages on Neeraj Chopra’s success, and now in Commonwealth Games 2022, Arshad Nadeem has given an opportunity to congratulate Neeraj Chopra by winning the gold medal. Yes, Pakistani javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem has won the gold medal in the javelin event. He not only captured the gold medal by throwing the javelin 90.18 meters but also broke Neeraj Chopra’s record.

Arshad Nadeem wrote in one of his social media post after this success, “Gold medal in 2022 Commonwealth Games with 90.18 meters by the grace of Allah and your prayers.” Neeraj Chopra responded best to Arshad’s post. Action has been shown. He wrote, “Congratulations Arshad Bhai. A gold medal and a games record for crossing the 90m. All the best for the tournament ahead.”

Notably, due to injury, Neeraj Chopra has not been able to participate in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Neeraj Chopra was injured during the World Athletics Championships and the Commonwealth Games 2022 were just days away. In such a situation, he decided not to participate in this tournament. After getting out of this big tournament, Neeraj Chopra was quite disappointed and apologized to his fans.

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