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We haven’t played cricket till date but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to abuse it.

Now, if a person is not bitten by a dog, does not this unfortunate person have the right to condemn the dogs? Just think about it. Opium can only be harmed by people who do not consume opium. After eating opium, we did not see anyone doing evil to opium. Doing evil is a big thing, we have not seen anything done.

If the matter is still not clear, we present another authoritative example. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad had a hard time with jaggery. They say that the one who has tasted jaggery once cannot like any other sweetness for the rest of his life, as if he himself was a fan of the subtle sweetness of sugar, so it is proved that he did bad things without eating jaggery all his life. .

Thus, nowadays everything in which there is a high probability of losing is considered a game. However, the difference between play and work that we have come to understand is that the purpose of play is purely entertainment. If seen, play is the antithesis of work, where seriousness came into it and it became work. This is why polo is a sport for a man and work for a horse. There is another matter of stubbornness, otherwise even Mirza himself is not unaware of this fundamental difference. We remember very well that one day he came back from Tandwala Yar after “reciting” poetry for a fee, and then he said to us, “For the time being, poetry is not a source of livelihood until it is a mere luxury, but a rascality.” Understand.”

Now it can be determined whether cricket meets this standard of play or not. Before judging, it should be remembered that cricket is actually a game of the British and some of them are affected by their phlegmatic temperament. Their national trait is that they become highly emotional in matters of entertainment and highly entrepreneurial in matters of love. The result of this happy contradiction is that his philosophy is superficial and his humor is very deep.

Our attachment to cricket is an old phenomenon, and to express surprise or regret today after a hundred years is to show our public ignorance. It was after the liberation of 1857, but a little earlier, that our critics had realized the interrelationship between English culture and cricket. So Sarsyid Ahmad Khan also tried to adopt English education and culture as well as cricket. There is a tradition that when the boys of Aligarh College used to play matches, Sir Syed would go to the side of the field and sit in prayer. They would watch the boys play and cry and pray, “God, my children’s lodge is in your hands.”

As pointed out above, cricket is not a hobby for the British but a mission. But if you’ve ever seen cricket teams defy the weather on a sultry May-June afternoon with fearless courage, you, like us, can’t help but come to the conclusion that cricket is neither a hobby nor a mission, well. There is a lot of penal labor, which requires more sweat than work. Now, if someone makes his workers work like this in such weather conditions even after asking for wages, he should be invoiced on the first day. But in cricket, since there is generally no rule of taking compensation, the question of challan does not arise. The way in which a light game has developed into a work in our hands is not even in the imagination of its inventors. Perhaps influenced by such a situation, Ghalib had said that we Mughal children are also angry, we beat the one whom we die.

And the reason for this seems to be that our attitude towards this game is not that of adults, but that of children. In the sense that only children take the game so seriously. Then, as the child grows older, his behavior in the game becomes less serious and this is a sign of mental maturity.

Cricket connoisseurs often say, “Mian! Do you know the nuances of cricket? Cricket is no longer a game, science has become science!

It’s a strange coincidence. Card dealers also proudly claim that Rummy is a scientific game. The dealers may be fooled, but we have absolutely no doubts about the scientific nature of Rummy because we believe that a more scientific way to lose more rupees in less time has not yet been discovered. So it is proved that cricket and rummy are strictly scientific and therefore cannot be called sports. The point is that where the mind is stressed in the game, the game is not a game and becomes work.

It does not depend only on cricket. A common trend in developed countries is that education is too easy and entertainment is getting harder day by day (eg doing a BA is a left-handed game, but learning astrology requires intelligence).Radio, television, cinema and picture books have Now education has become quite easy and common but games are getting expensive and complex day by day. Therefore, some stupid boys have started paying more attention to education by stealing their life from sports. The lessons learned from this are in front of all of us in the form of politicians.



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