Domain Age Checker

How do you know your business?
In an online business, how well you “do” determines how well you “know.”
Because all you know is what you apply. And it will end your results if you apply it. Having even the most apparently trivial information can put you one step ahead of the competition.
For sure, it includes important knowledge to know how to best win customers for your business. But it also includes initial details such as the domain edge of your URL.
And that's why we created this free, premium quality domain edge checker tool.
What is Domain Edge?
In simple terms, “domain edge” means the time during which a domain name exists. How old is this domain name?
So for example, if a domain name was registered in 2010, the domain would be 10 years old by 2020.
And what is the domain name? This is the URL to a website, just like the small dot com. That is the address with which internet users can access your website.