Elon Musk files answer to Twitter fraud allegations


San Francisco, August 6 (SO News/Agency) Tesla CEO Elon Musk has accused Twitter of cheating. Amid a legal dispute over a deal between microblogging company Twitter and Musk, the Tesla CEO has alleged that Twitter misled him about his business when they signed the $44 billion deal. . The Tesla CEO filed the claim in response to a lawsuit filed by Twitter for completing the deal instead of canceling it.

In his response filed in court, Elon Musk maintained that the number of actual users on Twitter that he was given was significantly lower than the number of actual users. He said that Twitter is now blocking access to accurate information for fear of exposing its fraud.

It should be noted that before Elon Musk, Twitter had put its position in front of the public in front of the public, in response to which Elon Musk’s response to the court has also been presented in front of the public.

Twitter has argued that Elon Musk is creating a fictitious justification to avoid the $44 billion deal, that Elon Musk’s story is imaginary and an attempt to avoid the deal because he doesn’t see the deal as attractive due to declining shares. While his own personal wealth has decreased.


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