End of business, positive trend in Pakistan Stock Exchange


A positive trend has been recorded in the Pakistan Stock Exchange index on the third day of the business week.

According to the details, on the third day of the business week in Pakistan Stock Exchange, there was a strong increase in the index.

The market closed at 42 thousand 880 with an increase of 48 points.

During the business day, the index remained in a band of 250 points where its highest level was 43 thousand 40 and the lowest level was 42 thousand 790.

13.87 million shares were traded in the stock market today, the value of which was 5 billion 14 billion rupees, while the market capitalization decreased by 4 billion rupees to 6 thousand 831 billion rupees.

On the other hand, the dollar price continues to fluctuate continuously, the dollar price in the interbank has recorded an increase on the third day of the business week.

According to the data released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the value of the dollar has increased by 39 paise in the interbank.

According to forex dealers, the dollar closed at Rs 223.81 from 223.42 interbank.


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