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German Ambassador Alfred Grans says that since the ball used in the FIFA World Cup is from Sialkot, every goal of the World Cup is a Pakistan goal.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway in Qatar, where Japan upset the 4-time world champion Germany yesterday. Earlier, Saudi Arabia has also defeated the favorite team Argentina in an upset.

Before the Germany match, German Ambassador to Pakistan Alfred Grans also appeared very excited and shared a video of himself on social media.

In a video uploaded on Twitter, German Ambassador Alfred Grans said that as you know the football world cup is starting today for Germany, I am confident that we will score more goals and win this world cup.

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The German ambassador said that anyone can score a goal in the FIFA World Cup, but one thing is important that every goal in the World Cup will be a Pakistan goal because the football used in FIFA comes from the city of Sialkot in Pakistan.

The German ambassador added that As a wish for his team in the 2014 World Cup (which Germany had won)’s ball has been replaced by this year’s model at Embassy.

He finally asked who else is supporting the German team with me?


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