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Faiz is not mentioned in Urdu literature as an orator in the same way as common poets and contemporaries of Faiz himself. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was recognized for his personality and revolutionary ideas and his voice was popularized by prominent singers of Pakistan.

Today is the anniversary of this poet who gained worldwide fame thanks to his progressive literature and revolutionary works. He died in 1984. Here we are presenting these two incidents of Faiz Sahib’s life for you.

Mirza Zafarul Hasan was a prominent Urdu writer who narrated an incident: It is mentioned before the division of the subcontinent. Famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had kept a radio in his house but had not obtained a license for it, nor had he paid the fee. He was summoned to the civil court under this charge. Faiz reached the court on the day of appearance.

The magistrate took Faiz to his room and humbly said, “Faiz Sahib! My wife likes your poem from me first love Marri Mehboob Don’t ask, she keeps taunting me that you can’t let us hear even one of his poems from the poet, God forbid your unlicensed radio. I have the opportunity to submit this to you. “

He said, “By not making a radio license, you have given me an opportunity to meet and listen to my request, not to sue, if you drink tea tomorrow evening at my poor house and speak your words, especially the first love.” If you recite this poem to my wife, her long wish will be fulfilled.

Faiz said in reply, “Even if you had called without a summons, I would have attended and recited the poem. I will definitely come tomorrow evening.”

Faiz then asked the magistrate. “What punishment do you propose for the crime committed by me in mere carelessness?”

According to the narrator, the magistrate’s answer was that “Faiz Sahib! If you have committed other crimes in the past, this poem is enough to forgive them all. Get a radio license, that’s your punishment.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was also among the close and sincere friends of Faiz Sahib. He has written this interesting incident in his book “Mere Hum Safar”:

One day Faiz Sahib was taking me in his car to Abdur Rahman Chaghatai Sahib.

When he passed through the road, he saw a big board of “Qasmi Press” on the side of the road. I don’t know whose press it was, but anyway, the board of Qasmi Press was there.

Faiz Sahib said, “You are secretly running such a big business?” We both laughed at this, went a little further and saw a board near Mayo Hospital.

I said, “Faiz Sahib! You have also spread the business well, see that board.

The words Faiz Hair Cutting Salon were written on the board.

Faiz Sahib laughed so much that he had to stop the car on the side of the road.



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