FIFA World Cup Qatar: Second Big Upset Defeat in Opening Four Days – Bol News


The reverberations of Argentina’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup Qatar yesterday had not yet subsided when another major upset occurred.

According to the details, Japan defeated the four-time winner Germany in their first match and won the second amazing upset of the FIFA World Cup Qatar.

In the second match today, Japan defeated strong rivals Germany 1-2 in the list of World Cup favorites.

Germany’s Alkay Gundgan scored a goal on a penalty stroke in the 33rd minute to give the team a lead that lasted until the end of the first half.

When the game of the second half started, Germany remained in the lead for the first 20 minutes. Later, Japan scored 2 goals in only 8 minutes and took the lead which remained until the end of the match.

Japan’s Ritsu Doan scored in the 75th minute while Takuma Asano scored a goal in the 83rd minute to lead the team to victory.

It should be noted that yesterday, Saudi Arabia defeated Lionel Messi’s Argentina, the favorite of the World Cup, by 1-2, which is being called the biggest upset in the history of the FIFA World Cup by football fans and critics.


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