FIFA World Cup: Switzerland beat Cameroon by one goal in an exciting match


Doha, November 24 (SO News/Agency) Switzerland defeated the Cameroon team in the first match of the FIFA World Cup with the wonderful goal of Briel Ambolo. In the match played at Al-Janoob Stadium in Qatar, Ambolo scored from a brilliant cross. Ambolo scored this goal in the 48th minute of the match.

Shaqiri had an outstanding performance for Switzerland in this match and playing as a midfielder, he created several scoring chances for his team, but could not convert them into goals. It is noteworthy that Shaqiri is considered one of the best players in Europe and his magic spoke loudly in today’s match as well.

The game of both the teams was almost the same and barring a few occasions the strikers of both did not test the goalkeeper much. Switzerland also had a wonderful and easy chance in injury time but the Cameroon defender made a brilliant save to deny Switzerland a second goal.

The similar game of both the teams can be judged from the fact that both the teams kept the possession of the ball almost equally. Cameroon had 49% of the ball while Switzerland had 51% of the ball. The two teams also took about equal shots on goal, with Cameroon taking eight shots on goal to seven. It should be noted that the coach called Ambolo out in the 71st minute.

It should be noted that Ambolo is from Cameroon and his father still lives in Cameroon. His mother had divorced her first husband and came to France from where she moved to Switzerland and got married in Switzerland. Ambolo was raised by his mother in Switzerland and now plays for the Swiss national team.


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