Fire in Iran’s notorious Avon prison, 4 prisoners killed and 61 injured


Tehran, October 16 (SO News) According to Iran’s official news agency, 4 prisoners were killed and 61 injured due to a fire in the notorious Avon prison in Tehran. State television has shown in a video that there is now The situation is normal.

According to a BBC report, Avon Prison has housed a number of political prisoners in the past and according to sources inside the prison, the death toll is higher than reported.

According to the foreign news agency ‘Reuters’, the prisoners died due to suffocation due to smoke.

A fire broke out at Iran’s notorious Avon prison amid ongoing protests against the killing of a woman, Mahsa Amini, by the Morality Police, according to reports, raising further concerns.

Before the authorities released the death toll, the families of the political prisoners took to social media to demand that the concerned authorities ensure the safety of the prisoners in the Avon Jail.

It should be noted that Iran’s infamous Avon prison was blacklisted by the US government in 2018 due to serious human rights violations.

A prison workshop was set on fire after a fight between several inmates convicted of financial crimes and theft, Iranian officials said.

Prisoners in Iran’s Avon prison face security charges, including Iranians with dual citizenship.

Videos from Avon Prison aired on state television showed firefighters inspecting a workshop where the roof had been damaged by the fire, however, the video showed inmates sleeping in prison wards as conditions were restored. Also shown.

Human rights activist Athena Demi said relatives of prisoners in the women’s section gathered at the prison for regular visiting hours, but authorities denied them access to the prisoners, leading to conflict.

According to Atina Demi, the relatives of the prisoners were told that the prisoners were fine but the phones were broken.

In a video broadcast on state television, a prison official said that inmates had been allowed to contact their families.

The Iranian government is very oppressive, US President

Responding to a question about the fire in the prison, US President Joe Biden said that the Iranian government is very oppressive, but he was surprised by the courage of the Iranian protesters.

On the other hand, Iran’s Foreign Ministry reacted to the statement of US President Joe Biden and said that the US President has interfered in state affairs by supporting the ongoing anti-government protests in Iran.

It should be noted that violent protests continue in Iran after the death of a 22-year-old girl Mehsa Amini, where human rights groups say that 240 protesters have been killed so far in anti-government protests, while more than 8 protesters have been arrested in 111 cities and towns. has been done


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