France violates rights by banning hijab at school: UN


Geneva, August 4 (SO News/Agency) A United Nations committee has declared in its decision that France has committed a violation of international rights by banning a woman from wearing hijab. This woman in France. I was banned from entering the school during a training course because of veiling.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee said that this move violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and that the French school has somehow broken the treaty. The committee issued this decision on a complaint filed by a French citizen in 2016. The woman’s lawyer does not want to publish her name.

The woman was born in 1977 and wanted to join a vocational training course for adults in 2010. She had cleared the interview and entrance test for the course.

But the headmaster of Longueuil Valen High School in the southeastern suburbs of Paris refused to allow them to enter the building because of a law banning the wearing of religious symbols in public educational institutions.

The UN committee said, “Prohibiting a woman from participating in her continuing education course while wearing a headscarf is a violation of the agreement. In addition, it is also a restriction on her right to freedom of religion.”

The UN committee approved the decision in March, but it was sent to the woman’s lawyer on Wednesday. “This is an important decision that shows that France respects human rights, especially religious ones,” her lawyer, Seifene Guizgois, told AFP. There is a need to work on respecting the rights of minorities and especially the Muslim community.


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