Fuel storage fire in Cuba kills one, injures at least 122


Havana, August 8 (SO News/Agency) One person has died and at least 122 others have been reported injured in a massive fire at a fuel storage system in Cuba’s Matanjas port. The incident occurred after a lightning strike caused a huge fire in a crude oil tank at the plant. After this accident, there is a threat of huge power crisis in the country.

According to a report by the Xinhua News Agency, the Ministry of Public Health said that a huge fire broke out in a crude oil tank at the plant after lightning struck at 7 pm on August 5. The fire spread to another tank the next morning, causing several explosions. The first tank that was struck by lightning contained about 25,000 cubic liters of crude oil. Local officials said the system there failed to prevent the lightning-induced fire, and the fire quickly engulfed the entire storage facility.

According to official figures, around 5,000 residents have been evacuated from the site so far. Caribbean countries are struggling with power shortages due to fuel shortages. In this case, after the explosions in the oil storage, its power supply may be further damaged.


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