In the United States, 10 people were killed in a rain of bullets on civilians in a shopping mall


10 people lost their lives after an unknown assailant opened fire at a shopping mall in the city of Chesapeake, Virginia, USA.

According to the details, an attacker entered the Walmart shopping mall and fired indiscriminately, due to which 10 people were killed. The attacker was also killed by police firing.

Chesapeake Police have confirmed the casualties in the Walmart shopping mall and also said that the attacker has also died.

It should be noted that last week there was also a shooting at a gay restaurant in which five people were killed, while a football team player was killed in a shooting on a university campus.

Officer Leo Kosinski of the Chesapeake Police Department previously told reporters that there had been “multiple fatalities” at the megastore, which local media reported were holiday shoppers.

Local media reported that witnesses said the shooting started from the back of the store and at least five injured people were rushed to hospital.

Police did not provide any details about the identity of the suspected shooter or the attacker’s death.

Police officer Kosinski said that we believe that this is the same shooter and that the only shooter is dead at this time.

News footage showed a large police presence around the Walmart, which is located about 150 miles southeast of the US capital, Washington.

Officers and investigators are carefully checking the store and securing the area, Kosinski said.


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