Indiscriminate firing in a school in Russia, 13 people including 7 students were killed, the attacker also killed himself.


Moscow, September 26 (SO News/Agency) An incident of indiscriminate shooting has occurred in a school in Russia on Monday. According to media reports, a man opened fire at a school in central Russia, in which several students were seriously injured. According to the Russian media agency “RT”, a total of 13 people, including 7 students, were killed in the shooting at the school in the city of Izhevsk. It is also being told that the person who fired has also shot himself dead.

According to the information received, 7 students of school number 88 of Izhevsk city have been killed in the shooting incident. Russia’s Investigative Committee has said in this regard that the gunman committed suicide after the attack. It is being identified. The suspect was said to be wearing a mask and a black T-shirt with a ‘Nazi’ symbol on it.

One of the victims has been identified as a school security guard, according to the governor of the Republic of Admirtia, Alexander Birchlov. He told reporters that “a sad incident has taken place in Admartia today.” According to the Ministry of Education, the school where the shooting took place has been evacuated.

Footage from the scene shows students and teachers running from the building. At the same time, the victims are being taken to the ambulance on a stretcher. Photos from inside classrooms where students barricaded themselves during the shooting also surfaced online.


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