Indonesia: More than 174 people killed, hundreds injured, investigation ordered during stampede and violence during football match


Jakarta, October 3 (SO News/Agency) At least 174 people have been killed, while hundreds of people have been injured, during a football match in the East Java province of Indonesia.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo orders investigation into stampede – Thousands of fans poured into the ground during a soccer match in the Indonesian city of Malang after police fired tear gas shells to disperse them, leading to a stampede. 129/ people killed, many injured in stadium in first leg – Arima FC supporters stormed the pitch after Arima FC lost 2-3 to visiting team and long-time rivals Persiba Surabaya at Kanjurohan Stadium last night. spoken-

On the other hand, the police said that they tried hard to bring the fans back to the stands while 2/ tear gas shells were fired after the death of the officials – according to the police, many of the victims were trampled or strangled to death. Gaya-East Java Police Chief Niko Afenta said many people died from suffocation as they rushed out of the stadium together to leave the stadium – he initially said a total of 127 people had died. But the number later rose to 174 as several people were injured – pictures taken from inside the stadium during the stampede showed people climbing over the fence due to the large amount of tear gas – people injured spectators during the chaos. was being taken to the hospital-

It should be noted that FIFA, the world association of football, prohibits the use of tear gas during matches – the country’s chief security minister said that the number of fans in the stadium was also high – there is a long history of conflicts between the two teams and the match A ban was imposed on supporters of the Prasibaya Surabaya team from buying tickets due to fears of riots – several videos of the incident have been shared on social media, in which people can be seen lying dead on the ground – The Indonesian Football Association issued a statement late Saturday night expressing its sadness at the incident and saying a team had been formed to investigate the entire matter. has been postponed for a week while reports suggest that Arima FC has been banned for the season – Indonesia’s president has said that this should be the last football-related tragedy in the country – he has announced that the country’s Liga 1 An order has been issued to suspend all matches until an investigation is completed.

This is not the first incident of death due to a stampede in a stadium: before that, 320 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in a stampede during an Olympic qualifier match between Peru and Argentina at the Lima Stadium in Latin America in 1964. At the Hazel Stadium in Brussels, 39 people were killed and 600 injured when a wall collapsed during Liverpool’s European Cup final match between Juventus and Liverpool – a similar incident has also happened in Britain, where the FA Cup was played. 97 Liverpool fans were killed in the semi-final.


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