Iran equips its warships with advanced ‘stealth technology’, will not be visible on radar


Tehran, July 26 (SO News/Agency) Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has announced that it has equipped its high-speed warships with stealth technology. This report was given by the semi-official Fars News Agency. According to the report, Iranian warships will not be visible on radar with this technology.

Fars News reported in its report that IRGC Navy Commander Ali Reza Tangsiri said at an event in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas that the IRGC will in the next phase use locally manufactured plows ( Hulls).

He added that the use of locally developed technology, homegrown products and Iranian experts are among the achievements that the IRGC Navy is proud of.

He said that IRGC Navy is a comprehensive strategic naval force. It has all the equipment accessible to the armed forces, from tanks to fixed-wing aircraft and drones, and its presence in the field strikes fear into the enemy’s heart.

He accused US ships of not complying with maritime and navigational rules and regulations, saying that their presence in the region in general often leads to insecurity.


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