Iran: Nationwide protests continue over hijab dispute


Tehran, September 29 (SO News/Agency) An Iranian lawmaker called the women protesting naked against Mehsa Amini’s death as “riots” and said that those who are doing so are ” They have gone out for prostitution.

Mahmoud Nabavian, a lawmaker from Tehran, made the comment at a time when the authorities’ attitude against the ongoing protests after Mehsa Amini’s death has become more severe. It should be noted that 22-year-old Mehsa Amini died while in police custody, against which protests are still ongoing.

Not wearing the hijab, or removing the headscarf, is tantamount to being naked in public, said lawmaker Nabaween. In a similar statement, Iran’s state media called the protesters “hypocrites, rioters, thugs and seditionists.”

Mehsa Amini, a young Kurdish woman, died on September 16 after the country’s moral police arrested her for allegedly disobeying strict hijab laws. Since his death, women-led protests have spread across Iran. Meanwhile, some women protestors took off their hijabs and burned them in protest, while some also cut their hair.

Massive protests continued in dozens of Iranian cities on Tuesday, and riot police and security forces clashed with protesters in many places. According to reports, there are no signs of abating in the protests.

According to Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency, “about 60” people have been killed since Amini’s death. However, according to Iran Human Rights (IHR), an Oslo-based human rights group, the number of people killed in the crackdown is much higher. So far, more than 76 people have been reported dead.

Iranian authorities said on Monday that they had made more than 1,200 arrests. Those detained include activists, lawyers and journalists as well as protesters. “Despite the fact that the authorities are shooting at the protesters… the protests continue,” Iran Human Rights Director Mahmoud Amiri Maghdam told DW. We are not seeing any signs that people will stay at home.”

“They (Iranian people) want nothing more than to live a normal life,” he said. However, I have never seen people so angry. You know, it means they’re clearly expressing that enough is enough.”

Meanwhile, a powerful Shia cleric who supports the country’s ultra-conservative government has urged the authorities to be lenient. Ayatollah Hussain Noori Hamdani said, “Leaders should listen to people’s demands, solve their problems and show sensitivity towards their rights.”

Demonstrations have also taken place in Europe, America and parts of the Middle East to show solidarity with the Iranian protesters. About 100 people protested in front of the stadium just before the international match between Iran and Senegal in Austria, while the match was played behind closed doors.

Rowena Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, called on Iran’s religious rulers to “fully respect rights such as freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association.” Sanctions were imposed against the moral police, while German Foreign Minister Annalina Bierbock has also demanded new sanctions on Iran.

The German foreign minister said on Monday, “In this regard, we now have to talk very quickly about further restrictions in the European Union circles.” In my opinion, there is a need to impose sanctions against those who are responsible for it.” On the other hand, Tehran alleges that the United States and some European countries are using this unrest to destabilize Iran.


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