Israel martyrs 41 Palestinians and warns of more attack after cease-fire


Gaza Strip, August 8 (SO News/Agency) The Israeli occupying army has warned that the Israeli army is going to launch a bigger attack in Gaza after the cease-fire in Gaza on Sunday night. The Israeli military has called its potential major offensive a wide-ranging attack on Gaza militants.

Shortly before this statement of the Israeli army, Israel had responded to the rockets fired at it. In a brief statement given by the Israeli army at 8.33 minutes at night, it is said that the army will target the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza with broad targets in front.

Before the cease-fire, the Israeli army issued a warning of rocket attacks even at 8:29. It should be noted that this statement of the Israeli army has come out with the cease-fire between Israel and the Islamic Jihad group that started at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

It should be noted that since the fighting broke out on Friday, the main targets of this new Israeli offensive in Gaza have been Islamic Jihad fighters and hideouts. And the number of Palestinians martyred as a result of the increasing violence in Gaza has reached 41. Also, Islamic Jihad has confirmed the killing of one of its senior commanders.


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