Israel’s brutal bombing of the Gaza Strip, Egypt’s efforts to stop the war, America once again stood with Israel


Israel’s brutal bombing of the Gaza Strip, Egypt’s efforts to stop the war, America once again stood with Israel

Gaza, August 7 (SO News / Agency) After the recent aggression of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip of Palestine, the government of Egypt has moved to stop the war. Egypt confirmed that the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip and Cairo has started mediation efforts to stop rocket attacks by Palestinians. A statement released by the Egyptian government said that Cairo is monitoring the situation after the bombing of the Gaza Strip. Egypt is focused on de-escalating tensions between Israel and Palestinian factions. Al Arabiya/Al Hadith sources reported that an Egyptian security delegation will travel to Tel Aviv to calm the Gaza Strip, while an Egyptian official said. Cairo has announced that it is intensifying contacts with Israel and the Palestinian parties in order to end the current tension in the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian government says that it has contacts with Israel and Palestinian organizations and that it Cairo says that during their contacts, Egypt emphasized the need to stop the military operation in the Gaza Strip and stop the advance of the army in the Strip after the deaths and injuries, including children. He pointed out that Cairo called on all parties to exercise restraint so that the situation does not worsen and the operation does not progress further. The Israeli army announced that its special forces and artillery had attacked Islamic Jihad Movement military posts in the Gaza Strip on Friday after bombing Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip. An important leader has been killed.

US with Israeli aggression: The White House has asked the Israelis and Palestinians to avoid escalating the war atmosphere. The statement from the White House on Friday came after Israel’s bombing killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander, sparking violence between Israel and Gaza. The White House John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, says that the fires of violence must be stopped and cooled. We are actively engaging with the Israelis, Palestinians and other partners in the region to defuse the situation that flared up with the bombing. We urge all parties to refrain from escalating the conflict. The United States stands and will continue to stand with Israel.

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