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It is not enough for those who learn different languages ​​of the world to be familiar with its rules, spelling and script, but also with learning any language well, its different dialects and expressions of local people. Understanding is important, but it is very difficult for a non-local and remote person to speak and understand a fluent and idiomatic language.

Here we are presenting for your entertainment a famous incident which was written by Mumtaz Adib and critic All Ahmed Sarwar in one of his articles.

A British officer learned Persian and Urdu from a minister during his service. While leaving said to them what can I do for you. He said give me a certificate so that if another officer comes I can read it too. So this British officer gave a certificate in which he (Munshi) was highly praised for his academic ability. Taking this certificate, this secretary appeared in the service of the new officer. After reading it, he said to them that sir has praised you a lot. You are very capable. He replied according to the constitution that this is the blessing of the sir, what am I capable of?

The British officer realized that Munshiji had betrayed the old officer and revealed the truth. He wrote to the old officer that Munshi himself admits his inadequacy. How do you define it? Then he got the answer that he was indeed very capable. This is just the style of the people of this area.



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