Liz Truss is the third female Prime Minister of Great Britain


London, September 5 (Agency) Great Britain has got a new Prime Minister. Former Foreign Minister Liz Truss has been elected as the new Prime Minister. Truss defeated India-born Rishi Sink in a fork clash. Liz Truss is the third woman in the history of the United Kingdom, who has occupied the chair of Prime Minister. Earlier, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May have held the post of Prime Minister in Great Britain. All three female Prime Ministers of Great Britain are from the Conservative Party. Lise Truss is also the fourth Prime Minister of the country in the last 6 years. Earlier, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson held the post of Prime Minister in separate terms from 2016 to 2022.

Liz Truss is known as a firebrand leader in UK politics. His approach in the two-month-long Chilean election campaign was never defensive. According to a BBC report, after being elected Prime Minister, she will make a small speech near Downing Street. This is just a tradition.

It should be noted that on July 7, Boris Johnson resigned from the post of party leader. After that, in the Conservative Party, he faced Indian-origin Rishi Sink. Around 1.60 lakh party members voted. Cinque defeated Lees-Truss in five rounds of voting by Conservative Party MPs, but the final decision is made by the party’s approximately 160,000 registered members, and Lees prevailed.

Liz Truss has always been a favorite of Boris Johnson. Johnson was not in favor of cynicism throughout the election process. He had said on several occasions that anyone should be chosen as the Prime Minister, but not Rishi Shankar at all. Tell that Rishi Sanak was the first to resign in the Johnson government.

Boris Johnson will deliver his last speech as Prime Minister from 10 Downing Street on September 6. After that, he will leave for Aberdeenshire in Scotland to tender his resignation to Queen Elizabeth. This is currently Queen Elizabeth. The 96-year-old Queen has trouble walking, so both Johnson and Lees will attend to her. This has usually been done at Buckingham Palace.


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