Massive protest over the restoration of the Twitter account of American singer Donald Trump


America’s famous singer Jack White strongly protested against the restoration of former American President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

According to the details, American singer Jack White expressed a strong reaction to the restoration of former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account and requested Elon Musk to withdraw the decision.

Jack White also deleted his Twitter account in protest after Donald Trump’s Twitter account was reinstated.

The singer took to Instagram to share a note on Elon Musk’s reactivation of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. He termed the decision to reactivate Donald Trump’s Twitter account as a ‘disgusting’ and ‘reprehensible’ move and requested Elon Musk. That they support ‘truth’.

Jack White has hit out at Elon Musk over the Twitter owner’s decision to reinstate Donald Trump’s previously banned account following an online poll. The former White Stripes musician called it a wrong move on Musk’s part.

It should be noted that before buying the social media platform Twitter, Elon Musk informed his fans that he intends to restore Trump’s account.

Singer Jack White was one of many public figures outraged by Elon Musk’s move.

Jack White called the former president’s account reinstatement “absolutely disgusting” and continued to criticize Elon Musk in an Instagram post calling the account reinstatement a “donkey move.”

Jack White said that Elon Musk’s intent is now known to be giving his platform to liars, adding that Trump was removed from Twitter because he repeatedly incited violence. Killed and injured as a result of lies and ego.


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