‘Monkey pox outbreak’ in France, 1700 cases registered, 100 vaccination centers opened


‘Monkey pox outbreak’ in France, 1700 cases registered, 100 vaccination centers opened

Paris, July 27 (SO News/Agency) The wrath of monkey pox is increasing in the European country of France. A total of around 1700 cases have been reported here so far. France’s Health Minister Francis Brown has confirmed a large number of cases. Brown said that 100 monkeypox vaccination centers have been opened in the country and so far 6,000 people have been vaccinated against monkeypox. The Health Minister has appealed that if anyone has symptoms of monkey pox, they should self-isolate as soon as possible.

The French health minister says the number of monkeypox in the country has increased sharply, but there is no need to panic. He said that common people need not worry about it and the government is focusing on how to increase vaccination coverage. In an interview with BFMTV, he said, “Most of the patients we have met so far are men who are gay and have had a relationship with another man.” But other such people can also be affected by monkey pox, who have come in contact with these infected people.

In France, most cases of monkeypox are in and around Paris. Frances Brown says that the number of vaccination centers in Paris will soon be increased. It is noteworthy that on Saturday, the World Health Organization declared monkey pox a health emergency, saying that it is increasing rapidly, and so far, a total of 16,000 cases of monkey pox have been reported in 75 countries of the world. Not only this, 5 people have died from this virus in Africa. Outside of Africa, cases of monkeypox are usually found in people who are gay men.

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