Monkey pox spread to 75 countries


Monkey pox spread to 75 countries

New Delhi, July 28 (SO News/Agency) Monkey pox is slowly spreading from one country to another. So far, more than 16,000 cases of infection have been reported in about 75 countries and five people have died due to this virus. Although this rage can be stopped and this has been said by an official of the World Health Organization. Monkeypox has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the WHO. It is the highest level of public health alert by the World Health Organization.

“The reason for this alert is because we want to make sure we can stop this outbreak as quickly as possible,” Dr. Rosamond Lewis, technical lead on monkeypox, said in a video posted on Twitter. Lewis said at a press conference in Geneva. Said that the right policies in the right group are important to prevent anger. He expressed hope that declaring this infection as PHEIC will increase coordination, cooperation of countries and all stakeholders as well as global unity. Apart from this, it can also spread in more vulnerable sections or highly sensitive people, especially children, pregnant women and people with weak immunity can also be affected by it.

Lewis also emphasized the need to avoid a state of discrimination or contagion towards a person who has a disease, as this would make it difficult to get rid of the disease. Currently, the outbreak is still concentrated in groups of men, he said. Lewis says there is currently no need for mass vaccination, but the WHO recommends post-exposure vaccination.

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