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In ancient times it used to be that once a person took up a profession, he would keep it until his death.

For example, if someone was a soldier, he would not look at any other profession. And would spend all his abilities and strength in it. If he was a poet, he would have spent his whole life writing poetry. Even if you have to die of hunger, you have to starve. But what is the possibility of those who arrange livelihood from other professions to feed themselves and their children. Why go away, take the example of your well-known Mirza Ghalib. So, despite being a soldier from the past, when he abandoned his traditional profession and took up the profession of poetry, he never looked back. Although they continued to drink the wine of debt and when people stopped giving loans, they allowed Kharqa and Sajjada to be mortgaged for the invitation of climate! In terms of physical structure, he was able to pick up a sword if he put down a pen. So you would definitely get a high position in the hereditary profession, but status is also something. die die All my life I have been listening to the bitter bitterness of the borrowers, but what if I looked at another profession and saw it!

But today we see that this feeling, this status has completely disappeared. Literature has become like a Noman’s Land, which can be entered freely, first of all, doctors secretly treated the chronically ill writers and poets and started interfering in literature by taking their support. Even some hit-and-run doctors have labeled themselves writers and poets by routinely intimidating patients and sometimes offering free treatment.

And now another group came. Oh S. Officers have been created who hand over their piles of files in the office to their assistants and are slowly making their place in literature by smiling at writers and poets and promoting their meetings. First Bharat Chand Khanna, then Khawaja Abdul Ghafoor and now Narendra Luther have come down to try hard in the field of literature. Others came after seeing them. Oh S officers also tried to fight. But very soon they came to the conclusion that India only came with a few Khawaja Abdul Ghafoor and Narendra Luther. Oh He is not called a writer because of being an S, but literature has become rich in his personalities.

I had a total of four meetings with Luther. The total duration of these four meetings is not more than 95 minutes. The description of this summary is that the first appointment is only five minutes, the second, third and fourth times a maximum of thirty minutes per appointment, but nevertheless I have dared to write them down.

Many years ago, through one of our neighbors, I was introduced to Luther. This was the morning on which the ritual of release of Luther Sahib’s collection of essays “Band Kwad” was to be performed in the Urdu Hall. In the morning, Luther Sahib was introduced to me by saying. This “Band Kwad” The author is Narendra Luthar. Despite the fact that the voice of the person making the introduction was resonant, the words were very clear and clear, but still the mind was not ready to accept these words. How can these authors be? Why can you do it?!!

There was not even a single word among them. Not their faces are cracked, not their clothes are rotten, not their backs are bent, not their clothes are starved, not their teeth are dirty, not their nails are full of mail. Then why can the author do this? In front of me clean, fresh, comfortable, well-dressed, elegant and expensive clothes. Lothar was visiting from Jhenpe Jhenpe. The heart testified it could be English language writers. Not sure about Urdu. Because they were completely alienated from the deprivations, persecutions and nakbats that have come to the lot of the Urdu people. However, in response to my greeting, I saw a smile spread across his soft and gentle expression, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

It was as if they wanted to get rid of me by paying a formal sentence. And after promising to attend the evening party, I went home. This was the first and last meeting of that period. The last in the sense that after some time Luther was transferred. And they went out of town. And when they came here again, our neighbors were leaving the country and going abroad.

One day suddenly Luther appeared in a meeting in Zinda Dalan-i Hyderabad (Deccan). I could not believe that Luther Sahib would be found in room number 28, smiling and puffing on a cigar. At the end of the meeting, when Trustee General introduced himself, I felt that he did not recognize me. But still, with his characteristic smile, he wanted to show that I was not a stranger to him. When I reminded him about my neighbor, he anxiously tried to remember. Lost in the past under the veil of a speckled smile. And then after a few moments, the innocent joy of children spread on his face and he said:

“Yes, yes! I remembered well. I recognized it!” And this time the sincerity was also evident from the face.

The third meeting was also held in Zinda Dalan meeting. In this meeting, bitter words started to be exchanged among some members. The atmosphere was getting dark. Mr. Luther put his cigar in his mouth, closed his eyes, and tried to cool down the feelings of both parties by telling jokes under his breath. And within ten minutes they changed the atmosphere.

The fourth meeting took place recently in the meeting of the All India Conference of Zinda Dalan, in which the publications of Zinda Dalan were being released. It was a relatively pleasant meeting. Because during that time I got to know some of their characteristics. I found Luther to be very simple-minded and open-minded. The generosity with which he discussed and consulted me about an unpublished article of his showed that he knew how to respect even those younger than him. Luther Sahib not only appreciates his contemporaries and fellow writers but also openly appreciates them.

Lothar Sahib’s personality is multi-faceted and multi-layered. He is a multi-tasking man, as an IAS officer he does not bully anyone but always tries to help, guide, and create space in everyone’s hearts.

Like Bharat Chand Khanna and Rashid Qureshi, he is also seen beaten by his wife. He has also given credit to his wife for the creation of many articles. And he has generously admitted in one of his articles that he is a wife-beating husband.

As the vice-president, constant smiling in Zinda Dalan-e-Hyderabad meetings, saying yes to the president and smiling especially on those who are warm are the main characteristics of Luther.

(The paper is a selection from Parahan (Humour), authored by Dr. Rashid Mousavi, a writer and researcher from India.)



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