Pelosi ‘saboteur of world peace’: North Korea


Seoul, August 7 (SO News/Agency) US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan after South Korea during her visit to Asia earlier this week, after which China conducted extraordinary military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. Get started. They are also practicing missile attacks and warship attacks.

China says that Taiwan is part of it and will annex it by force if necessary.

During her visit to South Korea, Pelosi visited the border with North Korea and discussed North Korea’s nuclear program with South Korean Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo. The parties agreed to support their respective governments in achieving a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and the establishment of peace.

Director General of the Press and Information Affairs Department of South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jo Yong-sam, condemned Pelosi for her visit to the Korean border and her anti-North Korean talks.

“Pelosi came to Taiwan to destroy regional peace and stability despite strong criticism from China, and with North Korea during her stay in South Korea,” Jo said in a statement released on Saturday. The confrontation became heated.”

Calling Pelosi “the worst destroyer of international peace and stability,” Joe said Pelosi’s behavior in South Korea clearly demonstrated the Biden administration’s hostile policy toward North Korea.

“If she thinks she can escape the Korean Peninsula, it will be a big mistake,” Jo warned. “America will pay a heavy price for the mess Pelosi has spread,” he added.

Pelosi is the first top US leader to visit the joint security area since then-US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Korean border in 2019. Trump had a meeting with South Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the same border.

One of the world’s most heavily guarded borders, the border is jointly monitored by the US-led UN Command and South Korea. The US president and other top officials have been visiting the region to reaffirm their commitment to provide security to South Korea.

Nancy Pelosi did not make any strong statements against North Korea during her visit, but she did tweet several photos from her visit to South Korea.

Tensions have risen on the Korean Peninsula following a series of missile tests by North Korea this year. US and South Korean officials say North Korea is preparing to conduct nuclear weapons tests.

North Korea says it will not enter into talks on curbing its nuclear activities and will continue to expand its nuclear program until the United States abandons its hostile policies against it.


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