Pilots strike in Germany, 800 flights cancelled, 100,000 passengers affected


Berlin, September 3 (SO News/Agency) Lufthansa Airlines had to cancel 800 of its flights due to the strike of pilots in Germany. More than 100,000 passengers have been affected due to the cancellation of these flights. In fact, the pilots’ union in Germany has announced a one-day strike against the salary hike.

In a statement released to the press, Lufthansa Airlines said that 130,000 passengers may be affected due to the strike. Lufthansa Airlines pilots will go on strike for 24 hours from midnight on Thursday after talks over a pay rise failed, according to Reuters. This will affect both passenger and freight services. Several flights were canceled on Thursday as well, the airlines said.

The pilots’ union has demanded a 5.5 percent pay hike for its more than 5,000 pilots this year, followed by an increase in dearness allowance. Meanwhile, a Lufthansa spokesperson said on Thursday that we hope the talks will be held soon. However, we cannot accept their demands, as it will increase the cost of flights too much.

The Lufthansa Airlines company has been in trouble several times since the beginning of this year due to the strike of security guards and ground staff. The airline faced a one-day walkout by Germany’s powerful Verdi union in July. Meanwhile, the company says every effort is being made to minimize the impact of the pilot union strike.


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