Prince Charles is officially the new King of Great Britain


Prince Charles is officially the new King of Great Britain

London, September 11 (SO News/Agency) After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the rule of Great Britain immediately passed automatically without any ceremony to her successor and former Prince of Wales Charles, but now he is officially the King. It has been declared. Charles III is sworn in as King of Great Britain. King Charles signs the affidavit, officially assuming the duties of king. King Charles also reiterates his commitment to uphold tradition. What did

According to the British broadcaster BBC, after the death of his mother, the ceremony of officially announcing the kingship of his son Charles was held in front of a traditional committee in St. James’s Palace in London, which officially announced his kingship. William the Conqueror was the first monarch to be crowned there, while Charles is the 40th monarch to do so.

It is an Anglican religious ceremony performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury who places the Crown of St. Edward on the King’s head. This solid gold crown was produced in 1661. Weighing approximately two kilograms, the crown is kept in the Tower of London. It is part of the royal jewels and jewels and is worn by a monarch only at the time of his coronation. Unlike royal weddings, coronations are official events, paid for by the government and drawn up by the guest list. .

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A terrible collision between two buses in Nigeria, 37 people died

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Strong earthquake shocks in Turkey, many people injured

Strong earthquake tremors were felt in western Turkey on Wednesday morning. The magnitude of the earthquake is 6.0 on the Richter scale. Turkey’s Department of Disaster and Emergency Management reported this in a statement. He said that the epicenter of the earthquake was about 210 km away from the country’s largest city, Istanbul, in the city of Dujsa province.

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