Private jet crashes in Baltic Sea, four dead


Stockholm, September 5 (SO News/Agency) It is feared that the four people on board will die after the private jet crashed in the Baltic Sea. “There is no hope for them to survive,” Swedish television quoted a spokesman for the Swedish Joint Rescue Coordination Center as saying on Sunday. Meanwhile, debris and an oil spill were seen in the sea between Sweden and Latvia.

A Latvian rescue boat has been dispatched to the crash site, and rescue teams from Sweden and Lithuania are also heading to the area, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pavriks said. It is not yet clear which country’s waters the plane crashed into.

On the other hand, according to flight radar data, the aircraft is an Austrian-registered Cessna 551, which was flying from Jerez in southern Spain, from where it took off without a fixed destination. It turned twice in Paris and Cologne and passed near the Swedish island of Gotland before turning into the Baltic Sea. The plane crashed at 17.45 on Sunday and disappeared from radar northwest of the Latvian city of Ventspils.

There, Swedish officials said, German and Danish fighter jets attempted to locate the Cessna, but failed to make contact. The pilots in the fighter plane could not see anyone inside the cockpit of the Cessna. The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) said that rescue operations are underway to search for the victims of the crash.


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