Profil etape 16 tour de france 2019


Today"s 169km phase sees auto peloton take conditions météorologiques four divide climbs, marqué it looks much more like a day suited to the breakaway then a big GC fight given the summit finishes to come end the next two days.

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The map ns today"s stage. Remarque the blue section at auto start – that"s a very longue 19.1-kilometre neutral zone as the riders head down from Andorra to the start.


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The climbs nous today"s stage are:

Col de Port (11.4km at 5.1 effronté cent)Col aux la core (13.1km at 6.6 tout de suite cent)Col ns Portet-d"Aspet (5.4km at 7.1 per cent)Côte d"Aspret-Sarrat (0.8km at 8.4 effronté cent)

There space no major (first or second category) climbs in auto last 50km du the stage, however, soja any gros moves nous the last diriger climb – the Portet d"Aspet– are unlikely to succeed.

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Today"s phase starts in année hour"s time and the riders are currently signing nous in auto start bourgade in Andorra.

The CPA has announced the riders will stop for a few minutes at KM0 venir take layers la fin after descending through auto neutral zonage from approximately 2,000 metres altitude to thé real begin at 1,134 metres.

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Challenges à Pogacar"s dominance et for the définitif podium to jouer out on Col du Portet, Luz Ardiden

Today is thé highest phase start in Tour de France history. At 2,080 metres it"s higher than Sestrieres in 1992 (2,035 metres).

Vincenzo Nibali and Amund Grøndahl Jansen are thé two men who haven"t taken thé start today.

They"re aroud halfway through auto neutral cential now. 10km à go et it"s tous downhill.

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The riders oui stopped now ont they reach the end de the neutral zone. They"re taking off their jackets and warmers ahead ns the actual start.

There are several assaults from thé start, including from Kasper Asgreen (Deceuninck-QuickStep).

☂ we experienced a stoppage this morning avant the départ authentique to allow auto riders auto time à change and begin auto stage dry.☂ Un arrêt exceptionnel a été observé avant le départ authentique pour permettre à tous le monde aux se changer et du commencer l"étape à sec.#TDF2021 13, 2021

Asgreen encore the only homme out prior at auto moment. Non other move going yet.

Tour ns France stage 16: Riders arrêter after cold downhill neutral start

Riders syndicat requested a short stop à la riders à remove layers

The chasing pair ont 20 seconds nous the peloton cible they"re still 1:20 down conditions météorologiques Asgreen.

Back uphill now oui the riders climb to the aménagements of auto Col du Port.

Asgreen has 1:15 conditions météorologiques the chase et a further 30 seconds nous the peloton.

Jesus Herrada (Cofidis) et Casper Pedersen (DSM) having a aller now.

Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) pushes on the front de the peloton now.

It"s raining now, passant par the way.

Asgreen toujours the only masculin to volonté away from auto peloton. Riders continue to attack.

Mohoric, Geschke, Juul-Jensen, Rolland, Guerreiro, Ballerini amongst those trying à move.

Asgreen still alone the end front. Hey has 20 seeconds on Kwiatkowski et Cattaneo as the peloton lies 50 secs back.

Miguel point of view Lopez make the efforts a move but he was chased down, through race leader Tadej Pogacar at auto front du the peloton.

Aurelien Paret-Peintre (AG2R) is nous the relocate with franc Bonnamour (B&B Hotels) oui they chasser the leaders. More attacks behind nous the climb.

Teuns, Konrad, Paret-Peintre, Bonnamour, Gaudu, Higuita, Lopez, Meintjes, Fraile all trying to volonté away.

Cattaneo leader the pause over auto top of the climb. Five points parce que le him bring away his total à 18 parce que le the race, 56 point down conditions météorologiques KOM dirigeants Wout Poels.

A maximum 16 point remain nous the stage.

It"s not really precious listing the chasers at this mettre en ordre given they"re just a couple of seconds up nous the peloton over auto top.

Just 25 seconds between auto break et peloton ont they tackle the wet descent.

BikeExchange among those leading auto peloton down thé descent. They"ll it is in aiming à la the intermediate sprint with michael Matthews in 20km.

Splits in auto peloton towards auto end du the descent. Fraile and Alaphilippe among those trying to move éteindre the front.

Majka et Porte among a coporation, groupe of about 30 homme dropped in that split. They"re 1:30 down.

They"re still going downhill, though it"s a gentler gradient than ce was la fin the mountain towards thé intermediate sprint.

Chris Juul-Jensen pushes conditions météorologiques at thé front followed de a couple of divers riders. Not much of a gap, though.

Jan Bakelants (Intermarche-Wanty) and Fabien Doubey (TotalEnergies) room away with Juul-Jensen.

Meanwhile, Bjerg, Majka et Stake Laengen room chasing conditions météorologiques in that group of reduce riders. That"s 3 teammates ns Pogacar missing the split.

45 seconds for that trio.

The group isn"t ont exciting as the Asgreen-Cattaneo, Kwiatkowski group, is it...

No idea why BikeExchange have sent Juul-Jensen up thé road so close to auto intermediate sprint??

Surely ce would"ve been a better idea venir work conditions météorologiques the front, stop breakaways from going and then sprint v Matthews.

Bakelants bring away 20 point at thé intermediate acceleration ahead de Doubey et Juul-Jensen.

Matthews take away 13 points from auto peloton less than 20 secs later.

What space BikeExchange doing?

The peloton has actually dropped further back now, practically two minute behind. Matthews, Colbrelli, Konrad, Bonnamour, Rota et Cosnefroy are chasing thé lead trio.

It looks like BikeExchange can be going for the stage with Matthews? Still, a monster decision to just throw away seven points like that.

Juul-Jensen, Bakelants, Doubey command 30 secs ahead du larger group...

Matthews, Colbrelli, Wright, Konrad, Bonnamour, Rota, Cosnefroy, Perichon, Gaudu, Aranburu, Skuijins are tous in there.

They should toutes les personnes come ensemble soon, though.

Almost four minutes further back, the dropped riders ont come earlier to auto peloton.

A minute between auto lead trio and the rest now. No great passant par the chasers...

Konrad renders a relocate from the chase group, who have done an awful travail chasing conditions météorologiques this climb soja far.

Konrad makes it across.

The rest de the "chasers" continue to be 45 seconds down.

The second group is toujours makinng absolutely no headway, 3km from thé top of the climb.

Gaudu has lugged the gap down à 25 seconds. Cette has Colbrelli, Bonnamour and Skujins through him.

I"ll hand over to Stephen Farrand now ont EF Education-Nippo take end at the front du the peloton et a num of riders –including KOM dirigeants Wout Poels –get dropped.

As the du repos goes over the Col du la Core, Konrad takes très points.

The différent riders are spread down thé road ands forced to fight right into a stiff wind.

That will be un autre factor affecting thé fight parce que le the phase victory et in the peloton.

Why space EF riding on the front de the peloton?

Simples. Their second place, and perhaps first place in Paris, in thé teams classification is in danger.

Bahrain Victorious lead thé team competition de 11:37 et they oui Sonny Colbrelli and Fred wright in thé break.

EF Education-Nippo still ont eight riders and so space using their toughness today.

Neilson Powless is riding on the former at thé moment.

EF space riding to protect Rigoberto Uran"s fight à la a podium spot et the team prize.

Thanks to auto westerly wind, auto roads oui dried out. That makes descending safer and easier.

sonnycolbrelli: +27"Gr. 💛🤍🔴: +6"42"Gr. 💚: +9"59"#TDF2021 13, 2021

The chasers are just 30 secs down on the top trio.

They need to soon come together conditions météorologiques the slopes de the Col ns Portet-d"Aspet.

The peloton is at 7:00.

EF riding is help give auto UAE team a break from auto hard work nous the front ns the peloton.

Mark Cavendish is additionally not tarif behind thé peloton ont he tries venir survive in auto Pyrenees.

He is a 10-rider coporation, groupe at 10:15 and so should oui no problem finishing inside auto time limit.

Fred Wright du Bahrain retour to the chase group. He is the youngest driver in this year"s la tour peloton at seulement 22 et 14 work old at thé start de the Tour.

The gyeongju up front is fascinating.

Fabien Doubey (Team TotalEnergies), Patrick Konrad (Bora-Hansgrohe), jan Bakelants, (Intermarché-Wanty Gobert) lead passant par 30 seconds but the others will surely record them soon and then struggle over the climb et the descend and flat road à Daint-Gaudens.

The meilleur climbers will be make the efforts to distance Colbrelli et Matthews. But both ont teammates à help them.

Only Benoît Cosnefroy (AG2R Citroën) has actually been dropped et is slipping earlier to thé pack.

In thé peloton, riders space eating et look serene even oui they approach the Col aux Portet-d"Aspet.

Once over the summit de the Col de Portet-d"Aspet, auto riders will pass the Fabio Casartelli memorial, that remembers auto late Italian rider, that tragically crashed and died during auto 1995 Tour.

Click thé link below venir see a moving interview with Casartelli"s mère made par Incycle in 2014.

InCycle Video: psychic Fabio Casartelli

The attackers aller through Saint-Lary et so begin à climb the 5.4km longue Col du Portet-d"Aspet.

Doubey, Bakelants et Korad are encore 30 clear du the chasers ont the peloton lose more ground and are at 9:00.

As the climb hurts, Doubey is distanced as Konrad pushes nous alone.

There is calmer 36km to race but he is going all in.

Konrad knows he has to avoir or hold ont to much oui time ont possible nous the meilleur climbers prefer Gaudu.

Onto the Col de Portet-d’Aspet, nous the descent ns which Fabio Casartelli tragically lost his tons in the 1995 Tour. RIP Fabio. #TDF2021 13, 2021

Gaudu is dancing conditions météorologiques the pedals in his climber"s style. However Colbrelli is conditions météorologiques his wheel, while the others on slide back.

Konrad crosses thé summit du the Col de Portet-d"Aspet alone.

However Gaudu et Colbrelli are only 20 secs behind.

The roads are wet à la the descent.

The peloton is at 11:00 minutes aa Wout fourgon Aert requirements a bicycle change.

He must not have any problems getting back on.

Konrad leader the affronter past thé Fabio Casartelli memorial.

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RIP in peace Fabio.

Colbrelli walk wide nous a corner marqué is taking the descent carefully.

Gaudu waits parce que le him, understanding they deserve to work ensemble to chasser Konrad.

Konrad has actually opened his lead nous Gaudu et Colbrelli to 40 seconds nous the descent.

Now he faces a 23km solo cours to the finish.

Will the est différent riders from the attack additionally manage à catch him?

The search is on.

Colbrelli is now helping Gaudu v the chase of Konrad cible the Austrian national champion is encore 45 secs clear.

It"s advantage Konrad.

Konrad has extended his lead to 1:00 as the seven record Gaudu and Colbrelli.

He faces 13.5km ns solo effort.

The peloton has actually slipped à 13:00.

All the GC contenders are plainly thinking ns the deux mountain finishes to come.

Konrads leads passant par 1:05 oui the final steep cible short coast d"Aspret-Sarrat climb nears.

Konrad beginning the côte d"Aspret-Sarrat and digs deep.

His command is encore increasing and he is pushing what looks prefer a 53x25 gear. Yep, he is climbing in the gros ring.

Behind they seem à be riding parce que le second place.

Gaudu attacks but he is chased down.

Konrad dives down the descent. His lead is down venir 50 seconds but he is seulement un 5km from the finish.

BORAhansgrohe) remporte les #PrixAntargaz du combatif du jour. 🔴#TDF2021 13, 2021

2km venir go.

The chasers are attacking every other, fighting à la scrap of glory. Yet Colbrelli and Mathews want à score as many points possible to fermé the écart on Cavendish in the point competition.

Konrad celebrates v his Bora team car et then pushes on alone to the finish line.

Colbrelli and Matthews catch et pass him avant the line.

They take a haul de points marqué wanted the stage win.

This is thé top ten for the stage:

1 Patrick Konrad (Aut) Bora-Hansgrohe 04:01:592 Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Bahrain Victorious 00:00:423 michael Matthews (Aus) Team BikeExchange 00:00:424 Pierre-Luc Périchon (Fra) Cofidis 00:00:425 franck Bonnamour (Fra) B&B many hotels p/b KTM 00:00:426 Alex Aranburu Deba (Spa) Astana-Premier la technologie 00:00:427 Toms Skujins (Lat) Trek-Segafredo 00:00:458 jan Bakelants (Bel) Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert matériaux 00:00:459 David Gaudu (Fra) Groupama-FDJ 00:00:4710 Lorenzo Rota (Ita) Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert matériel 00:01:03

Three national champions oui now winner a stage ns this year"s Tour du France: Matej Mohoric (Slovenia), Wout van Aert (Belgium) et now Patrick Konrad (Austria).

Patrick Konrad is the first Austrian phase winner in Tour de France since 2005, when georg Totschnig won16 years ago.

The life Austrian winner was max Bulla ago in 1931 (3). They are the seul three Austrian winners.

Van Aert has attacked over thé top of the côte d"Aspret-Sarrat.

Jumbo-Visma seem venir be trying venir split the peloton and gain part time conditions météorologiques their sommet ten rivals.

It is unlikely à succeed cible will non doubt spark dispute in the peloton.

There are 40 jaune so riders in thé front group.

Surely ne sont pas one in thé top 120 has missed this surge?

Van Aert keeps going.

Carapaz is there. Toutes les personnes the top ten seem à be there.

2.5km to go.

Perhaps fourgon Aert is seul keeping Vingegaard safe and their rivals conditions météorologiques their toes.

There are only a dozen or so riders in the Pogacar group.

It will be interesting à see thé reaction de the riders to fourgon Aert after the finish.

Some will not it is in amused.

They sprint marqué are 13: 49

Carapaz wins auto "sprint" but Pogacar is over there too.

All the GC riders had venir sprint too venir ensure over there is no a time gap in auto results.

A stage bookended by attacks.
RichardCarapazM was alive to auto danger and a so late split conditions météorologiques stage 16. He remains fourth overall.
kwiato had a good crack at gaining into the pause earlier marqué his relocate was unable venir stick #TDF2021 13, 2021

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This is thé general classer after stage 16:

1 Tadej Pogacar (Slo) UAE Team Emirates 66:23:062 Rigoberto Uran (Col) EF Education-Nippo 0:05:183 Jonas Vingegaard (Den) Jumbo-Visma 0:05:324 Richard Carapaz (Ecu) Ineos Grenadiers 0:05:335 ben O"Connor (Aus) AG2R Citroën Team 0:05:586 Wilco Kelderman (Ned) Bora-Hansgrohe 0:06:167 Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Astana-Premier tech 0:07:018 Enric Mas Nicolau (Spa) Movistar Team 0:07:119 éclairage Martin (Fra) Cofidis 0:08:0210 Pello Bilbao Lopez ns Armentia (Spa) Bahrain Victorious 0:10:59

Sonny Colbrelli won auto sprint for 2nd marqué he was no happy with that.

"This was ma last chance to success a stage. It’s a pity it didn’t come off. Ns can seul congratulate Konrad because hey was really strong," auto Italian national champion said.

"Me et Guadu operated well together, swapping turns perfectly but he got away from us.

"I was second again, passing thé Cofidis rider on the line. That spectacles I’m emotion good but I’ve struggled in the bunch sprints, losing position and so points.

"Now i just want à make ce to Paris."

Colbrelli waved his hand in disappointment ont he finished auto stage.

(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Patrick Konrad was in a frais happier mood than Colbrelli.

"It"s my first win in auto WorldTour et now it"s at auto biggest cours in auto world - I"ve winner a stage in thé Tour du France haricot de soja I"m really speechless," the Austrian said.

"The victory is for my family, ma friends, tous my believers, and also pour Bora-Hansgrohe. They constantly give me the trust parce que le it, and they constantly told moi to fight à la it, you oui the legs parce que le it, you oui the talent for this."

"I think ce came really in the right instants in the champion"s jersey, venir win a stage right here makes je really proud."

(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Konrad described his attack.

"I was currently three temps in thé break and I was constantly waiting until auto final, and it was always not the meilleur decision because we saw ce when Mohoric won the stage cette went really early," he said.

"When Mollema, attacked, cette went really early. I said à myself "OK, when je come one more temps in this instance I matin the guy".

"I gave cette a try et I"m yes, really happy that cette worked out et I had auto legs venir bring cette to thé finish.

"When je passed thé 1k line i saw auto uphill part and I to be thinking, "this will be pains again", marqué there to be some temps to celebrate. Ns really thought in cette 500m to go when the des sports director passed me.

"I"m merveilleux super happy. Je think i can really reap this instants now."

(Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Colbrelli et Matthews are disappointed not venir win the stage cible they did eat into affichage Cavendish"s command in the point classification.

This is the nouveau top three:

1 marque Cavendish (GBr) Deceuninck-QuickStep 2792 michael Matthews (Aus) Team BikeExchange 2423 Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Bahrain Victorious 195.

It will be a actual battle parce que le every mission between here et Paris. Both intermediate sprints nous stage 17 et 18 become before the major climbs, while stage 19 is a day à la the sprinters si they have the right to keep the gyeongju together.

Then there is auto finish nous the champs Elysees in parisien that could favour Cavendish and Deceuninck-QuickStep.

Konrad was tous smiles nous the podium. He also won the most combatif prize oui he take it his tons WorldTour win.

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)
(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Meanwhile Tadej Pogacar continued to be in yellow, he and his UAE team virtually unchallenged today.

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

However Pogacar is remaining cautious.

"It to be a really tough day, nous started with merveilleux cold weather. The fight pour the breakaway was again nice big, the tons two hours we were seul flying. Then ce settled down cible in auto end, fireworks again. So cette was quite a hectic day, rather hard," he said.

Pogacar fabriqué sure hey was there when van Aert struck with Vingegaard but couldn"t know why thé move to be made.

"I don"t know, i just follow thé wheels," hey said.

"I oui no idea what nous were doing, marqué it was good to open thé legs parce que le tomorrow.

"Even si it"s flat as a pancake elle need venir be concentrated et focused because that"s cycling."

Pogacar is concerned cible enthusiastic around Wednesday"s difficult finale et mountain finish nous the Col du Portet.

"Tomorrow je think is thé hardest work in thé Tour, let"s struggle it," he said.

"I did auto recon du tomorrow and the day after, so i know the climbs. Cette would be meilleur if ns did not see. I"m not worried marqué it"s going à be yes, really hard."

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A quick finish à a tough stage...Un définitif explosif d"une étape difficile...#TDF2021 13, 2021

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These are four jersey wearers after today"s stage.

Jerseys after phase 16Maillots après l’étape 16💛
tamaupogi#TDF2021 13, 2021

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Who do you think will certainly ride into paris in yellow?

Chris Froome(Israel Start-Up Nation) trust that, unlessTadej Pogačar(UAE Team Emirates) crashes, auto battle for theTour ns Franceis over et the Slovenian will certainly defend the title that he won in 2020.

Click below parce que le the complete story nous the four-time tour winner.

Chris Froome: si Pogacar stays on his bike this Tour du France is over

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

Stage 16 to be a day ns tactics, wild riding passant par Konrad and the wait pour the two mountain finishes.

Read our full stage report by clicking below.

Tour aux France: Konrad solos à victory conditions météorologiques stage 16

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

Is this a a new "The Look" ? Carapaz sprinted to the line after van Aert split the peloton nous a late climb cible Pogacar was right there and laughing about ce all.

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

We will certainly perhaps find out nous Wednesday on the stage to thé Col du Portet.

The 178.4km phase is essentially the2018 stagethat sapin introduced auto Col du Portet to the wider cycling world marqué with a comparatively flat 113-kilometre section replacing auto F1 begin grid that was auto novelty/gimmick at thé start ns that short day that finished with Nairo Quintana taking the honours.

The stage starts just to thé south ns Toulouse at Muret et heads south-west across auto plain, pass through the previous day’s end up town ns Saint-Gaudens.

Once with it, the riders will conveniently be onto the tons slopes de the Col ns Peyresourde and will ont barely any flat road ahead de them antérieur à the finish.

The rapid descent far from thé Peyresourde drops into Loudenvielle, where the riders will discover themselves on the flat very briefly as they circle auto lake to reach the football of the Col d’Azet. Although no much much more than half the length de the Peyresourde, that is average ns 8.3% makes it more challenging, especially nous the steeper sections nous its reduced slopes.

The riders will rattle through Saint-Lary-Soulan and they’ll soon venir at auto right revolve onto the définitif climb, which averages 8.7% pour 16km.

The opening couple of kilometres space a mettre en ordre or two higher 보다 that mean, thé road clambering quickly up auto mountainside to Espiaube, whereby a left revolve heads à la the ski station du Pla d’Adet.

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The cheminement heads right, though, soon getting to a narrow et steep roadway that climbs rapidly par a series ns tight switchbacks.