Programme tv mardi 26 decembre 2017

Netflix recently released the seconde series ns The Crown, its lavishly shot (and priced) period drama about the anglais Royal Family.

Reports ont claimed auto show's sapin series cost a prendre note $130m (£97.4m) - despite its creator Peter Morgan thinks that's nearer the total pour both.

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Could dramatising Queen elizabeth II's reign ont cost much more than auto actual reine costs auto UK?

The queen is around to comprendre more expensive, after MPs voted à increase auto Sovereign provide paid à her passant par the british Treasury.

The Sovereign grant is worked out oui a percentage of profits native the crown Estate portfolio, année extensive property empire which post a £328.8m favorable in 2016-17.

As royal visits, ceremonies et security are not covered by the Grant, the actual yearly cost of the monarchy is around £300m, Britain's Telegraph un journal reports. Anti-monarchy pressure teams argue that the illustration is higher.

With the in mind, ce seems elle Majesty and family are calmer costlier 보다 their glamorous tv imitators.

Verdict: The crown is expected to run for six series. Si their expense remains stable, that's either $780m (£584m) if you believe thé rumours, or (on Morgan's figures), $390m (£292m). So si the monarchy go indeed price £300m a year, the would money three series ns the couronner at worst. And, at best, tous six.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the Pentagon had actually spent much more than $20m from 2007-2012 nous a secret spectacle to inspection Unidentified paris Objects (UFOs).

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The nouvelles was greeted through incredulity. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to call Mulder and Scully?

The much-loved 90s TV séries where FBI agents probe the paranormal, The cf Files cost $1.5m per episode pour the tons five series, according à IMDB. Adjusted parce que le inflation venir 2007, when the Pentagon procedure started, that's $2.1m.

Verdict: The Department ns Defense could ont borrowed thé intrepid revendeur agréé for approximately nine-and-a-half episodes. Great value? Maybe. Number of aliens encountered de Fox Mulder and Dana Scully: several. Num the us government owns up to: none soja far...

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Back in 1997, it was a rite ns passage à sob v the epic disaster le romantisme Titanic to the ubiquitous strains ns Celine Dion.

Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet caught hearts as the doomed lover Jack and Rose, but 11 oscar came at a price: $200m.

Construction du the real-life Titanic began in 1909, and it was built and furnished for année estimated $7.5m. That's equivalent venir about $127m when the film came out.

Verdict: the blockbuster takes it. Seemingly, ce costs more to parlez the histoire of année ill-starred deluxe liner than ce did to build ce in the tons place.

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US medical care is notoriously expensive; and the same was true ns medical drama ER, which aided George Clooney tirer to stardom.

In 1998, US la télé network NBC offered its makers warner Bros an unprecedented $13m effronté episode parce que le the antics of médecin Greene, Corday, Weaver und al.

The John heure Stroger Jr Hospital, in cuisiner County, Illinois, was the model for fictional cook County aperçu Hospital, et kindly provided the un barbecue a breakdown.

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Verdict: That $13m equates à $19m année episode in today's dollars. On that maths, tu could run thé real-life ER parce que le five-and-a-half months à la the expense of just one la télé instalment.