Protest of employees of the biggest iPhone factory, video goes viral


Workers’ protests at China’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou have attracted worldwide attention.

According to the details, according to the widely circulated footage on social media, protests have broken out in the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

The video shows hundreds of iPhone factory workers marching, some of whom are confronted by police.

Those who streamed the protest live said activists were beaten by police, while some videos showed clashes.

A spokesman for the manufacturing company said it would work with staff and the local government to prevent further violence.

In its statement, the firm said that some workers had doubts about the salary but that the firm would pay the salary based on the contracts.

A spokesperson for the iPhone company strongly denied rumors that new recruits were being asked to share dormitories with workers who were Covid-positive.

The company added that hostels were disinfected and checked by local authorities before new arrivals.

Last month, the iPhone factory faced a lockdown due to rising Covid cases, and some workers were told to go home.

According to British media reports, the factory recruited new workers during the lockdown with the promise of generous bonuses.

The factory workers said that the company has cheated them, sent us home on the pretext of lockdown and made new recruits which is a robbery of our rights which we will not tolerate in any way.

The workers said that the factory management changed the contract so that we could not get the subsidy as they had promised.

He said there was a heavy police presence at the plant on Wednesday morning, while other live stream videos also showed crowds of armed police at the site.


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