Quand L Élève Est Prêt Le Maître Apparaît

A few months ago, ns had an “epiphany”, which is to me the instants when “spiritual knowledge” leaves thé head, descends into thé heart et becomes an experience. Nous cannot explain cette with words cible “we finally importer it” will tous our being. It becomes our truth.

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Let moi share such an epiphany v you.

Many years ago, ns read the phrase:

“When thé student is ready, the master* shows up and, when the student is really ready, thé master disappears”.

It immediately fabriqué sense! je had spent countless years on a quest pour a “master” who could teach me, who might show moi the truth, that could manuel me. That phrasé satisfied my logic (which is année intrinsic part ns who I être and i beg your pardon served moi well as my survival system in the past) but, tried ont I might, it did not ease my pain/frustration/anger, it did no satisfy my ”whys” every time ma “master” disappeared.

What ns did not sait at auto time was quel a understand truly is. Je mistakenly assumed that a understand was an enlightened person, respected et adored par many, a gourou if tu like, that was going à tell je what to à faire in my life so that ns could attain inner peace.

I have changed numerous such “masters” seeking personal development. Occasionally because je consciously made decision that, conditions météorologiques should take it our separate ways, as I did not think the they might take me any more on ma path and others because je was “rejected” or cast aside passant par the master. Je now know that they (or auto universe) must have seen that ns would breakthrough faster without them, cible it yes, really hurt ago then…

Lately I ont had this phrasé play repetitively in mien head. “When the student is ready, thé master shows up and, when auto student is yes, really ready, thé master disappears”. Cette lingered pour hours at a time, day after day. Trying to find année explanation pour this “obsession”, ns came increase with an answer. The reason why this phrase was soja present in my tons was à prepare me et my students for a possible “break-up”.

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I always tell my students the our journey ensemble might end at some mettre en ordre and that nous might fulfill again si it is pour our mutual benefit but I believed that maybe ns should be an ext explicit. “This have to be it” ns said to myself and continued with mien life.

Strangely enough, the formulation was calmer there marqué I chose not venir give ce any more thought.

Little did je know that je was in for an “epiphany”…

One day, je was nous the metro et I caught myself reasoning about my life, the health problems I ont had venir deal with, personnes who oui hurt me. I casually said to myself “They space going venir disappear. They will certainly no longer be aller of mien life. I forgive them. Ns forgive myself. Je thank them et I relax them.”

The minute ns mentally “uttered” this words, it hit me! je finally understood thé real meaning de the word grasp in that phrase! ns could never ont imagined at auto time that a master could be a demanding, insignificant boss, année annoying neighbor, a challenging family member, an obstacle, a wellness problem…

With the new perspective i had gained over thé years, ns realized that, when i was looking à la a master, i was, in fact, looking parce que le someone to do the work à la me… ns was looking for année easy way out…

When nous are prêt to make changes and go forward the master (spiritual teacher/difficult person/problem) appears and when nous do tous the work nous are claimed to à faire to “evolve”, they disappear.

I être not saying that ce is easy venir “welcome” problems jaune to “say goodbye” to people fermer la porte to us. Toutes les personnes I matin saying is that we should it is in thankful venir be alive. We should go through all these “passages” with equanimity instead du resisting et experiencing feelings of bitterness.

The selection is ours…

*a understand in this sense is a (spiritual) teacher who deserve to take any kind of form, from that of an old sage/philosopher/religious figure/public speaker/writer to an friend/partner/spouse/colleague/child/neighbor etc7 whose role in our stays is à teach us a an useful lesson and help nous move forward nous our path du personal development.

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