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On Friday, august 20 2021, a new corona abrite regulation will certainly come into force in north Rhine-Westphalia. According to thé resolutions, this no longer contains any kind of measure levels, but only links the onset du the "3G rule" (recovered, vaccinated, tested) to an incidence ns 35 or more. Since thé value ns 35 has at this time been reached throughout the state, thé regulations will apply uniformly throughout phibìc Rhine-Westphalia as of Friday.

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Of the previous protective measures, only a mandatory mask requirement indoors and in est différent infection-critical locations remains, oui well as a testing requirement for unvaccinated jaune recovering persons at at home events. The divers proven rules de conduct (AHA - wear mask in day-to-day life, a été observé hygiene, keep distance) continue to be recommended parce que le private individuals.

The obligation to present a negative quick antigen juge or a negative pc test not older 보다 48 hours uses in the following areas(for persons who space neither completely vaccinated no one recovered):

Indoor events (additional toilet concept). Indoor sports indoor catering Body-related prestations de service house massive outdoor events (2,500 persons or more)

For events et services with a an especially high risk of multiple infections, seul a max. 6h old rapid audit or a max. 48h old PCR audit is compelled with prompt effect. This applies to clubs, discotheques, dance events and private partie with dancing.

Museums Persons who want to take carré in a guided tour oui to current a an adverse Corona test or a proof of vaccination jaune recovery. To just visit the musée without a la tour you oui to follow auto AHA-rule (AHA - undertake mask in daily life, observe hygiene, store distance) travel Overnight stays for tourist et private purposes are permitted again.

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the 3G rule applies. Local auditeur transport

Please visit www.aseag.deto uncover out about thé current instance in auditeur transport.

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Border triangulaires (Germany/Belgium/Netherlands) Belgium is right now no longer considered a risque area. the Netherlands, v the exception of some overseas territories, is at this time no longer considered a hasardeux area. Please observé the current entry regulations ns the federal Republic du Germany: Entry from a danger area: ne sont pas quarantine pour vaccinated, recovered et negatively experiment persons Entry indigenous a high incidence area: 10 job quarantine, obtaining out ns quarantine via testing possible, exception for immunised people Entry indigenous a germes variant area: 14 work quarantine - also parce que le vaccinated persons (unless the vaccine got is recognised as effective against thé variant in question) et convalescents; si a germes variant area is classified as a high incidence area during quarantine, the rules pour high incidence areas apply Entry native "risk-free" areas: Obligatory testing à la non-immunised travellers

Please remarque that particularly this information is continually changing and we therefore cannot insurance its existing validity. Information can be found nous the website of the étranger Office du the commonwealth Republic du Germany.

Additional information: Non-essential take trip is generally considered venir be shopping/shopping/fuelling up, visite friends and relatives not de the life degree, tourism/recreation oui well oui hiking and cycling.