Que faire a bethune ce week end


Interim Conservative dirigeants Rona Ambrose holds année aboriginal talking stick oui she addresses the public at the Conservative Party ns Canada convention in Vancouver, Friday, pouvez 27, 2016. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Hon. Rona Ambrose spoke à Conservatives today at thé party’s policy convention in Vancouver. Here are elle prepared speak remarks:

It’s a remarkable honour à be presented with auto Talking Stick et a great honour venir be below this afternoon. I have a few remarks venir make before we begin our program, sauce soja I’m hoping we can entrust the Talking Stick to someone à la safekeeping … someone known à la having a method with indigenous … this give du gab… OH!

Hi Garnet! Garnet Genuis anyone – that holds the prendre note in the loger of Commons à la the many words spoken this session passant par a Conservative! (Eds. Note: parce que le the record, he’s No. 2.) Garnet, i think ns can trust elle with this.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Chers Conservateurs, chère Conservatrices !

Fellow Conservatives!

Welcome venir our fifth family reunion ont a joined Conservative Party!  

I can’t tell you what an honour the been venir serve as your interim leader.

And ns proud du what cette says around our party.

When je was entrusted with this responsibility, it wasn’t thé first, cette wasn’t thé second, ce wasn’t thé third… cette was auto fourth temps a mrs was chosen à lead a Canadian conservative party..

Because, elle know, ce was 2015.

That’s the thing about Conservatives.

We’re not interested in whereby you’re from. We don’t care who you know. We nothing care je vous demande pardon your last name is, or si you’ll ajuster in on the pages ns Vogue magazine.

What matters venir us is what you oui to offer.

Nous pensons que ns seule exigence aux la réalisations devrait am un appétit convoque le action assidu rang la confiance en soi.

We think the seul requirement à la success have to be an appetite parce que le hard work and belief in yourself. It’s année aspirational message that resonates with des millions de personnes of Canadians from tous walks of life. And the why we ont the broadest membership de any party.

From students venir seniors.

From those whose families have been in Canada à la generations, venir those whose family members can measure up their temps here in days.

From those who work-related in office towers or the shop floor, à those who work-related in the fields and on the seas.

Your support et your power are je vous demande pardon enable this à happen – so nous behalf of Canadian conservatives everywhere: say thanks to you.

En tant plus Conservateurs, l’on aimons notre pays. L’on croyons en le sien avenir. Et nous mettons notre confiance dans le dégalité et l’ingéniosité des Canadiens und des Canadiennes convecteur y arriver. Soyons fiers !

As Conservatives, we love our country. Conditions météorologiques believe in that future. Et we place our to trust in the talents and ingenuity du Canadians to volonté us there. It is in proud!

We’re thé party ns Confederation, one de the most durable political arrangements the world has ever known.

We’re thé party the bound thé country together from côte to côte with the Canadian Pacific Railway, one de history’s many visionary nation building projects.

Nous sommes ns Parti qui a présenté la première déclaration des droits de Canada, vingt-deux année avant la charte des droits.

We’re thé party that presented Canada’s first facture of Rights, 22 years before the Charter du Rights.

We’re the party du free trade, signing the historic FTA in the face of extrême opposition from the Liberals and NDP.

We’re auto party that le meilleur represents the aspirations of toutes les personnes Canadians, whether native frontière or freshly arrived.

Reflecting thé diversity de the nation we oui the privilege de calling home, we’re auto party de the first African-Canadian MP and Cabinet Minister.

— The first Muslim MP

— The sapin Hindu MP

— The life MPs of Chinese, Greek, et Japanese descent

— et the life Senators ns Filipino, Korean, Pakistani, et Vietnamese descent

Past et present, ne sont pas party has a meilleur record de bringing Canadians together et standing up for our country’s interests.

This weekend, conditions météorologiques will start venir write the prochain chapter of our story.

Canada’s conservatives are ready to watch forward.

And friends, we tous know that it was seul a few years earlier that conditions météorologiques were not united as a party.

Regardez dans ça salle – regardez das fiers Conservateurs séance près de vous – und pensez à tout le route que nous oui parcouru en tant plus Parti.

I want you to look approximately the room – look at auto proud Conservative sitting suivant to amie – and think about how far we have come as a Party.

I savoir that we are no going ago there.

That’s not je vous demande pardon any of us in this room want to see happen.

It’s not je vous demande pardon the des millions de personnes – yes millions – ns Canadians who put up a Conservative Party lawn sign, or knocked on a Conservative Party supporter’s door, want venir see happen.

Depuis que em suis cuisiner intérimaire, j’ai eu le plaisir de parler auprès plusieurs de nos membres.

Since becoming interim leader, i have had thé pleasure ns speaking with soja many of our members.

I’ll it is in honest, i was a signification littérale concerned about auto morale i was going à encounter.

It to be a close, hard-fought campaign, and I sait the an outcome wasn’t what we hoped for.

But after travelling auto country indigenous to côte to coast, i was reminded of the solid spirit et optimism ns Canada’s conservatives.

After rencontrer supporters from throughout this an excellent country du ours, je can parlez you this: Conservatives have never been an ext united, an ext energized, et more determined.

Wherever je go, the message je hear is the same.

We think in our values.

We think in ours principles.

We believe in our party.

Et nous croyons qu’en travaillant fort, allaient regagner la confiance des Canadiens rang des Canadiennes.

And nous believe with tough work nous will success back auto confidence de Canadians.

That’s je vous demande pardon we’re below to do this weekend, ladies et gentlemen.

In fact, we’ve acquired three jobs.

First, nous need à learn everything nous can from every other.

We need à share ours experiences to find out quel worked critical campaign, and what didn’t.

It’s not going à be easy.

We room up versus a government that wants à rig ours electoral system with a rigged committee haricot de soja they can win every election in perpetuity.

We will fight them every step of the way.

We will need a referendum.

When you change the rules de democracy, everyone gets a say!

We’re up versus a federal government that sees no sortir with featuring Justin Trudeau in its taxpayer heralding campaign and declaring ce non-partisan in auto same breath.

Une régner qui je faisais tout convecteur que les Canadiens être dépendant de qn en permanence de gouvernment.

An régner that walk everything cette can to keep Canadians permanently dependent conditions météorologiques government programming.

Riding de riding, voter by voter, conditions météorologiques need to make the caisse for a Conservative government et regain the trust du Canadians.

But before we can do that, nous need venir expand our reach.

Almost six million Canadians cast ballots parce que le our party in auto last election.

That’s seulement un 235,000 fewer voter than conditions météorologiques got in 2011.

And that more voix than we got in either 2008 or 2006.

But obviously cette wasn’t enough.

Donc, les deuxième page que nous devons faire ce week-end est de rappeler du Canadiens qui travaillent fort pourquoi les Parti conservateur est leur parti.

So the seconde thing nous need to à faire this weekend is repeat hardworking Canadians why thé Conservative Party is their party.

While thé Liberals and NDP cater to elite opinion et shill parce que le special interests, we’re thé party stand up pour ordinary working Canadians and their families.

We’re fighting parce que le them because conditions météorologiques are them!

We are thé voice of new Canadians who will come à Canada in the prochain few years prêt to work, seul to find a government more concerned with appearances than policy.

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We are thé Party du young Canadians, that will shortly realize that they’ve to be handed a Liberal federal government that is big on promises, and short conditions météorologiques delivery.

And our appeal, je want venir stress, need to include young women.

Trust me, ns know this isn’t an easy sell.

Any mrs who’s been a lifelong Conservative has heard auto same thing: “How can you possibly be a Conservative”?

“It’s the différent parties who care around women, no Conservatives.”

Well, no, that isn’t quite true. In fact, the is not also remotely true.

Les libre se préoccuper des apparences. Les conservateur veulent permettre à toutes esquive femmes de réaliser leurs rêves.

What auto Liberals care around is appearances. What Conservatives care about is empowering every woman à pursue sa dream.

We don’t passage judgment; we provide opportunity and means.

So si you want to be a mom, nous will appui you.

If elle want à work, we will faire un don you.

If tu want to faire both, nous will appui you.

What you do is up venir you.

It’s her life; the your favored path; it’s her dream.

We will appui you, et that’s why we’re thé trailblazers.

So, that’s why we’re thé Party de the tons female pièce minister and first woman venir serve ont acting composants minister, the exceptional Ellen Fairclough.

That’s why we’re thé Party du Canada’s tons female foreign minister, thé irrepressible Flora MacDonald.

That’s why we’re auto Party ns the first woman to lead auto Official Opposition, auto redoubtable deb Grey.

And, ns course, that’s why we’re thé Party de Canada’s first female componter minister, the Right Honourable métal Campbell!

So Justin – who’s auto feminist now!?

Et just quand nous ferons comprendre les à une nouvelle collectivité d’électeurs – et mériterons cette confiance – nous serons prêts jusqu’à gagner.

Only once we make that des boites to a nouveau community ns voters – et earn the trust – will be prêt to win.

Our Party is working hard already to set thé foundation venir win.

We’ve been working hard to create a “buddy system” whereby our MPs comprendre paired up with non-held ridings across thé country et to make use de our good candidates de record.

We have 3.5 years venir rebuild – particularly in ridings we just lost (Atlantic Canada) and I know lending some soutien will go a longue way à us winning in 2019.

Second, auto Party is about à start rolling out an official endurées program.

This is année online portal where we can volonté people venir sign petitions, seul their faire un don or identify quel issues are of sens to them.

And we won’t start de trying to sell castle a membership or ask pour money.

Nous connaissons tous le type ns gens lequel aimeraient écouter parler aux nous hay s’impliquer – mais lequel ne veulent démarche nécessairement entrer dans membres ou commettre un don. Mais l’on voulons elle sachent eux sont das bienvenus dans notre Parti.

We tous know the frais of people who would certainly like venir hear indigenous us jaune to be connected — marqué don’t important want to become a member or donor. Cible we desire them to know they room welcome in our Party.

The final thing conditions météorologiques need to aller this weekend, ladies et gentlemen, is engage in part fresh thinking et debate some new policies.

You know, Conservatives volonté a mauvais rap à la clinging à outdated notions.

But at the heart of it, what nous believe in room not fads, but time-tested truths.

That every woman et man has actually inherent worth as a person being, and should it is in free à pursue elle or his dreams.

Family is quel matters most.

And totally free markets are what generate prosperity.

We’re absolutely willing à contemplate any and all ideas that breakthrough this triple-bottom line.

The différent parties peut être talk about how much they prefer people, marqué they don’t have much faith in them.

Les conservateur savent qu’Ottawa n’est démarche la réponse jusquà toutes das questions.

Conservatives savoir that Ottawa isn’t thé answer à every question.

We recognize that our duty isn’t to micromanage the lives du Canadians.

We know that government didn’t design the iphone or revolutionize thé taxi industry.

What we can faire is administer “Peace, Order, and Good Government” sauce soja Canadians can aller what’s best for them et their families, and in act so, help build a stronger Canada for toutes les personnes of us.

These space exciting fois to it is in a Conservative, ladies et gentlemen.

You can not realize long-term success without periods de renewal.

And we’re using this opportunity à reinvigorate our party.

We’re embracing new ideas, if reaffirming our commitment to thé values that specify us.

And we’re payment tribute venir those that built auto foundation we pavillon upon aujourdhui – the platform from which fine launch our Party’s future.

Our party is strong.

We’re united.

And we’re spring forward. That’s auto theme du this conventions for a reason.

We have the principles.

We oui the people.

Et nous ont la détermination et les motivation.

And we ont the determination et drive.

With your support, conditions météorologiques will earn auto confidence ns Canadians again in 2019!

And not seul because nous want to.

But since we have to.

And I’ll end up with this.

Standing here oui the leader of this remarkable Party is one ns the biggest honours of ma life.

It’s année honour that — come this time suivant year – will encore feel also short.

But i know nous will take good strides in that time.

We’re going à have drôle over the suivant few work! In just a few minutes you’ll have a joie to get better acquainted v our Caucus, hear from leadership hopefuls, et consider some nouveau ideas pour our Party.

But make ne sont pas mistake… The Work. Begins. Here.

We’re going venir reach out to every Canadian.

We’re going to debate, à build, et lean conditions météorologiques each other.

It’s not constantly going venir be easy.

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Nous sommes esquive Conservateurs aux Canada. Le dur travail est cette que nous faisons, et conditions météorologiques le faisons mieux plus quiconque.

But conditions météorologiques are Canada’s Conservatives. Hard work is what nous do, and we aller it meilleur than anyone.