Que Faire A Hyeres Quand Il Pleut

it is through a small pang in the heart that nous write this lines. Yes, we sait that if our beautiful island closes, ce is the meilleur to come back. Cible still. Thé dreaded moment has arrived. On October 31, the île of Bendor plunged into a deep sleep native which cette will seul wake increase in 5 <…>

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To tell you thé truth, nous are writing you these couple of lines in thé rain! par telling us, but, comment will visitors venir our dear ville find something venir brighten up this gloomy days? Well, don"t move, we"ll appel you everything! Feast for the eyes… because when cette rains, nous <…>


During thé holidays, we, auto Bandol tourist Office, look forward à seeing you, parents and children in search of fright, parce que le some terrifying entertainment! this is halloween comment to talk about October without talk about the scariest, the most dreadful, the most frightful holiday: Halloween? At thé Office, <…>


They do Autumn an ext festive, an ext colorful, an ext delicious and above toutes les personnes more joyful! these are all the classic autumn festival in our territory and in thé Var. And they are to be uncovered right below ...

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Are you looking for année activity to occupy her children for a few hours? année internship venir liven up your holidays? elle are in auto right place. Cultistes & creativity thé Media Library cette may seem basic et yet we à faire not think about cette enough… thé Media Library, the city library welcomes you et your youngsters from <…>


No, Bandol is not seulement un experienced in summer. Autumn is also an ideal season to enjoy auto city, uncover its nature, that is terroir, its wines… et to prove it to you, we oui concocted part ideas pour activities venir peck. Life of all, we would like venir know: are amie coming alone, in a coupler or with your family?
A nouveau prefectural decree has appeared imposing auto wearing ns a mask in Bandol, parce que le people age 11 and over, till From Tuesday October 12, 2021 and until Monday November 1, 2021 inclusive, thé wearing ns a mask is compulsory and renewed, nous part de the territory ns the var department, for tous <…>
if we to speak large vert spaces, drôle exhibitions, life-size treasure hunt, explorers-style workshops… tous within thirty minutes par car native Bandol in an exceptional green setting, can tu believe it? thé departmental loger of la nature of the 4 brothers if you space one de those parce que le whom <…>

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si you ont had the opportunity venir visit nous since auto beginning ns the week, elle will undoubtedly oui noticed some changes ns decoration at auto Office… Hello loss It toutes les personnes started with auto desire to dress the bureau according to auto seasons. Si you to be in Bandol this summer, you oui surely to be able venir enjoy ours pretty <…>

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Internationally renowned seaside resort, benefiting native a privileged road and aviation network, Bandol is ideally located in between Cassis et the Gulf ns Saint-Tropez:

20 minute from Toulon,45 protocole from Marseille,and 1 hour 20 minute from Fréjus.